“it is good,This note is!”

Immortal,Xian Tian is waiting for this program, etc.。 “Besides,I don’t want to play what to play.,He is ending!”Xianzhen Dragon is cold and refers to a corpse under the Shenling Tree.。 “True dragon brother,Why is this?”Xianxiong worldwide and Xian Tianchen, etc. Xian family, watching the fairy body, can’t help but hit。 This is also a fear […]

Congenital breath now,Zhenshanchu is in the deepest part of the underground palace,Seeing to be at your fingertips,But because of Li Xiucheng,Panmang’s evil fire has nowhere to vent,If Baimei is dead,Zhong Lizong is clearly the biggest gainer,He at least threatened Panmang with the underground palace formation,How can you let this guy succeed。

Pan Mang’s body instantly turned into a thick black smoke,Extremely flexible shuttle in the gap of giant fists that are constantly dumped or hit,Disappear soon,The next moment he appeared near the entrance of the previous hole,The Kunlun Clan has become a bloody corpse,Zhongli is missing from Baimei。 The tremor in the underground palace eased slightly […]

So next,How to deal with it?。

In fact, they look at them.,I will wait for it now.,When did it start?。 Zhu Yunjie,When you are in front of you,It is an active activity,Don’t forget to say this。 “very good,This is actually,It is what I want to see.。” “So next,Pack up,Put this matter,Give me completely solved!” When Zhu Yunjun said,Those people around you,Has […]

On the phone,Guo Meili paused and said:”Good manager Xia,I will hold a meeting right away,Anyway, we have to build it sooner or later,We might as well do it early“It seems that Guo Meili’s thoughts are the same as Xia Jian’s。

“Secretary Wang,Don’t worry now!Don’t say that our businessmen don’t talk about credibility,Be careful of being beaten”Xia Jian finished saying this,Get up and go。 Ouyang Hong chased outside from the office,Shout loudly:“Don’t be angry, Mr. Xia,I invite you to eat fried noodles” Xia Jian stopped taking a look,Found that it was half past twelve,Are all this […]

Chapter One Thousand and Three Reshape the small world

Li Tianzhi’s pace suddenly slowed down,But still powerful,Because he can’t find God hiding,Or that the connection between him and Shenzang was temporarily interrupted,He vaguely knew what happened,So don’t panic,Just not sure how long this change will last。 If he can explore the gods with the eyes of the sea of knowledge,Will be surprised,That colorful little […]

Playing yourself a group of officials,Need to be so lucky,Then“Ten blade”They once returned,Killing these dead gods is not a chopping?

Just in the Japanese Facial Valley Winshi and the breakfast,One is also late with your own protagonist。 Don’t ask why he is late.,Because he is different from other guys,Go out so late,I have to find an excuse to deal with trouble.。 “Escort,This enemy is very strong,According to the spiritual pressure of the corpse,Even appeared『Ten blade』Level […]

and so,Raleigh can’t help Leo。

They all see this to each other,Leo may still be far from Raleigh,But Raleigh can’t take Leo。 and,Raleigh’s outbreak is a heavy burden on the body,This burden will be restored soon,But need to stop。 And after a few times,Raleigh knew he couldn’t catch up with Leo,So I just stopped。 “What are you doing?”Raleigh is not […]

2Several advertisements in Hall No.,Can see from afar,Just what Xu Feng saidBWhere is the third floor??Xia Jian drove the car,While thinking about this question。

suddenly,Bai Li pointed to the front and said:“President Xia!I think this2Pavilion No. is built from east to west,So from east to west,The first building should beADong,And so onBBuilding should be the second building。Bai Li is really smart,What she said,Xia Jian immediately understood。 This belongs to the new development zone,Many people work during the day,Still looks […]

She is simple to wash it.,Then change it togetherOLDelivery begins to eat。

“breeze,When are we going to the manor?。” “Hey-hey,Nature is waiting for the sister, you have finished eating breakfast.,And this matter is no need to worry,After all, I can’t eat hot tofu.,Although I will give it out, I have to vote for 15 billion,But if the location is not good,Or some places unqualified,I won’t go to […]

Lin Fengnan bit his mouth:“I am visiting the Dragon Yuan Master today.,I don’t have a Dragon’s merits.,But you can make a transaction with Longyuan Master.。”

“In fact, the dragon is immersed there.2000Everyone is enough。”Long Japan low channel:“He has already earned a lot.,And will ask for help you to do this。” “it is good,it is good,This matter is troublesometh brother,I owe the sunny brother.。”Lin Feng looks deeply at Longsi Tiandao。 “Lin brother,What is my polite?,Rest assured to contact proud things in […]

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