Not only because the suspect is a neon person,More importantly, they were helpless against Akina Rika,That’s why I hope Tang Ze will go。

doubt,But no evidence,That’s why it gives them a headache。
The general situation is like this。
Because of my husband’s writing,So their villa is located in a quieter town。
Except their couple,And a maid,Busy entertaining guests that day,So I cook roast beef in the kitchen。
And this guest is the daughter of the town mayor, Ai Sisha,Have been going to school before,Didn’t go home until this year。
She is a big fan of her husband,I learned that my favorite writer settled in my own town,So I can’t wait to visit
But a pity,The husband had been writing in the study that day,Did not come down,Finally, the mayor’s daughter didn’t see her husband,Dinner only has wife Akana Rika and mayor’s daughter Ai Sisha。
When my husband comes down to eat,Ai Sisha is gone,After that, the husband was sent to the hospital with a painful expression after eating.,Died。
“Judgment by forensic doctors after judicial dissection,Believe that the other person died from eating food with cyanide。”Edward handed the autopsy report to Tang Ze and said。
“What did the deceased eat??”Tang Ze opened the autopsy report and read the residue in the stomach,I looked at the female colleagues of Edward and asked。
“dessert,The last thing the deceased ate was the snack his wife gave him。”
The female colleague named Natasha frowned and said:This is the reason why we doubt our wife,According to witnesses,The last food my husband ate before he died,It’s the snack that my wife handed。”
“If the poison is mixed in the snack,Isn’t that the decisive evidence??”Wen Yan Tang Ze said strangely:Could it be that something went wrong with the witness?
“Do not,No problem。”Natasha’s female criminal shook her head,“It’s better to talk about the information provided by the witness,Is the cause of our headaches。”
After some narration,Tang Ze also knows the general situation,This witness is not someone else,It’s Aissa。
Because I didn’t see the admiring John at dinner·Ace,So she’s not so willing,And turned back after returning home。
Then through the gap in the fence wall outside the yard,I happened to see the wife handing her husband a snack in the living room,After the two broke apart,,The whole process of husband’s expression being pulled away by ambulance。

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