Two militants rushed up,Bound them quickly with a lashing tape。

A tall guy gestures,Other guys holding***The cat waist follows him,Step by step towards us,This is really the style played by special forces!
I quickly retracted my head,Cold sweat came out all over,I really want to grab the vine and climb down,But if they find out,They will definitely find traces of Xiaolong and Su Mei,They will continue to track,At that time, not only Su Mei’s plan will not be completed,Xiaolong will follow bad luck!
Seeing that they won’t kill people like this!I won’t go anymore,And I can’t run away from this,Catch if they want,Just to cover Su Mei and Xiaolong,And even if caught,Su Mei will find a way to save me when the plan is executed tomorrow。I yelled at this thought:”Don’t shoot,I came out and surrendered!“
”Throw out the weapon in your hand,Hold head with hands,Walk out slowly!“
A standard and fluent Mandarin!There are Chinese among them!
I had to throw away my beloved iron spear,Then he hugged his head and walked out of the tree,Cast a sharp beam of light,So I can’t open my eyes。
At this moment someone kicked my leg,I can’t help but kneel down,Someone tied me back,Then a cold pistol poked my forehead,A cold voice sounded:”What about the rest?Where did they go?And the old yin who puts a cold gun?where is he?“
I pretend to be stupid:”nobody else,Just the three of us!“
The man walked up to Wenru,Poke the text with a pistol like back:”Curly,Who else is following you?“
My heart beats wildly,My throat is so dry,They would be miserable if Wenru mentioned Su Mei,Our plan will definitely abort,Neither said,If they caught Su Mei Xiaolong,We have nothing to expect!
Wen Ru looked up at the tall man:”Cao Ge,Only three of us!Really!You know i never lie!“
”Oh shit!You don’t lie?If you don’t lie, the sun will come out from the west!Just said!Where did the dark gunner hide?“
That person seems to hate Wenru,Kicked him in the back,Wen Ru immediately fell to the ground,Because the hands are tied,He can’t even turn。
Wen Ru shouted:“I do not know!Brother Cao, I don’t know anything!Don’t you see a gun in our hand?”
That man walked up,Carrying Wenru’s collar to make him kneel again,Wenru spit out a few mouthfuls of dirt,Loudly:”Cao Ge,You must have strengthened your exercise during this time,Brother feels your kick is very strong!“
I was dumbfounded,I didn’t expect Wenru to flatter at this time,This guy is amazing!

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