”Then why did you break up with him?“I rolled my eyes!Helpless,I couldn’t speak up in the last life,Let them talk about me for many years。I am still a person who cherishes my reputation。

”Before ignoring him,He told me not to go home one night at 11 o’clock!,What can happen to lone men and women who don’t go home overnight,Don’t say you don’t know!Although we are all in society,Not a good girl in school anymore,But love yourself!I’m only 17 years old!My future is far away,Still far from marriage!It is very open now!But I am still a very conservative person!Because you recognize the eldest brother!So I don’t know how to say break up,Let him talk about breaking up first!This is my bottom line!Liu Jue, let me tell you,If i hear bad rumors,Then I don’t want to play with you anymore!Last time I carried the pot for you!Your mother is ridiculing in the company, don’t think I don’t understand,I won’t say break to leave you a bottom line。This time I don’t want someone I trust to say anything misleading behind the back!You understand!“
I don’t want to talk to him,I never said a word to her along the way,She didn’t know if she was used to her character before!Later, after I broke up with Xu Yang,I gradually found myself,I never got used to her temper again,Who knows that the more I talk about her, the more she will play with me。Hey,I guess Xu Yang is the same,Are they one day short of their two birthdays?!
To the bookstore,I chose some basic English dictionaries,Some professional language books are not sold in the bookstore here,But now there is internet,I can check information online,You can also buy professional dictionaries online。Ready not to fall in love,Of course there is extra money to buy some useful things!But the hands I really don’t have money to use are when I studied interior design,I still admire my perseverance at that time。
”Xiaoxi, what are you buying these??“Liu Jue asked me timidly,I think her little daughter-in-law is really funny。
”I’m only 17 years old,Not going to school is my biggest mistake,There are so many things to do for so many years,Need to learn more survival skills。“I told this seriously and earnestly that she was a good girl in school but had bad grades。I had bad grades,That’s what I really did!No time to learn。That’s why I missed the best time to study!
”what!Then you learn english,Don’t need it!“I can’t express my feelings even with my eyes!When this person took the driver’s license,The guy who failed to pass the exam for two years,I’m really curious about the structure of her mind!
Chapter Six Helpless
”Do you think you will never travel abroad in your life??Do you want to stay in Wanling for the rest of your life??Do you want to stay in your uncle’s company forever??Don’t you have any illusions about your future?The world is so big, don’t you want to step on your steps and take a walk?“
”You can join the group if you go out to play!Someone translate!“
”I rub!You are awesome!”My old lady in her nineties!This is to get heart disease,Signal every one of my children and grandchildren like this!
“Isn’t it right?“
“Correct,Correct,You are all right!By the way, don’t you like to chase stars?!Their brokerage companies will hire people,Hiring a broker,Life assistant or something!If you work hard,Work hard,No broker,But the life assistant might do!“
“what,really?“There is a reaction now,Little eyes shining stars。
“Yes,But there are requirements,You can check。“If this sentence can motivate him to move forward,Then I’m so good。
“Xiaoxi,really!I’m so excited!“In this way, she returned to the company with her excitement。

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