Of course the industry is special,Also determines the rules of the industry。

So the tailors’ mouths are tight,Never reveal customer information,
And after the customer chose a tailor shop,if nothing unexpected happened,I will never change a suit shop in my life。
For example, confidential industries like banking,To prevent information leakage,Cause loss,Their upper class,Basically use the same clothing store。
And this shop,It’s a time-honored brand that has been passed down for five generations in Ginza,It is also the place where Suzuki’s men have always customized suits。
And Tang Ze is here,Naturally, I was preparing to meet my mother-in-law in the future.
People rely on clothes and horses and saddles,Although he is handsome enough,But it could be more handsome,Tang Ze naturally doesn’t mind。
First206chapter Banknote capacity
“Oh?is it?I don’t know that there is no such rule as a seamstress in men’s suit shops.。”
In a European-style room with a sense of age,Ayako sat outside and waited quietly,And Tang Ze and the old store manager Nishiya are measuring data in the house,Chatting。
“Some customers are very taboo。”
The old shop manager said with a smile:“After all, suits are like shirts for men,And in this shirt,I hide the bitterness of honor and disgrace that I don’t want women to know。”
“What a deep understanding of words。”Tang Ze couldn’t help but praise:“This perception,I’m afraid only a craftsman like you can tell。”
“It’s just a little gossip about being a suit tailor for a lifetime,Can’t afford such a false praise。”The old store manager is humble。

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