So in the previous small talk,Takagi and Tang Ze cooperated in guiding the topic。

This routine is basically talking about the homework first,Then from the side to learn some other people’s intelligence,Then enter the topic。
Even if the opponent reacts strongly,Unwilling to answer,Start“see a visitor out”,The two will not be driven out without any gain。
Of course, this is also a measure in general,Fortunately, Mrs. Katori belongs to this“generally”,He even revealed a lot of information unconsciously during the conversation。
And seeing the conversation is almost the same,Tang Ze and Takagi looked at each other,The good old man Takagi looked towards Katori Tiantian and said“That one…I heard that Mrs. Mitori was introduced to everyone,Mrs. Katori, right??”
“I…That one…Actually, Mrs. Sannia is just a relationship we met in a shopping mall…”
Seeing the topic,Mrs. Katori also hesitated,But I started talking slowly。
“Optional mall?”Tang Ze doesn’t understand the name,“What is the specific situation??”
“Yep,It’s a similar market opened in a nearby square、Places like flea markets。”Mrs. Katori explained:“We met there,But in fact, the relationship is not close…”
“do not touch!!”
When the atmosphere was silent for a while,The two children, one large and one small, playing in the side room are slightly conflicted。
“Ha ha,Do you all like trains too?”
Takagi sees that the two children tend to quarrel,Smiled and moved forward to divert the attention of the two。
When I was picking up two children from school,The two have already identified,So the two boys are not afraid of them。
“It’s Pioneer One。”Takagi came to the two,Pointing to the running train and smiled。
“impressive,You deserve to be Mr. Criminal!”The older child praised,Stand up from the ground,Holding a sign from the box on the side to show them to the two。
“You see!”

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