“Has a student’s parent sent it recently??“

“Yes!But recently they are sending alcohol and cigarettes,I don’t like to refuse!“My goodness!How big is this person’s mind!Still in school now,Saying this so loudly!Is this blatant corruption??
“I’m going to find you right away“
“it is good“I hang up,Put on clothes,Stared at the closet for a long time,What kind of taste is this?,What kind of clothes are the clothes?!Can’t find clothes to wear,Pay tomorrow,Must shop!from head to foot,Throw away everything in the closet!
Chapter Twenty Three
Yep,Throw away your shoes!
Come to the dean’s office,I saw that the instructor even set up the tea sets for Kung Fu tea!
“Instruct the director to make Kung Fu tea for me!“
“Yes!You should like to drink Kung Fu tea!。“
”Really like,Today you club!I came here mainly because I have a question to talk to you!。“
Hear what i said,The hand movement stopped。Wait for me to continue。But I always feel uneasy,uneasy。
”Dean,Let’s go see first,That teacher!“The director paused for a while and didn’t understand my thinking jump。But got up,Took me out of the office。
“Dean,Do you have a rooftop?“

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