At this point,The other three people present,I also know that the questioning is done。

And Conan also has a solemn look,Because this time, Tang Ze’s performance is too strong!
Tang Ze said a word when he escaped with Asama’s robbery,Suspect that the other party has an accomplice。
Then rely on this doubt,Let Asama reveal the information during the conversation a little bit,Turn doubt into confirmation。
Every time in the conversation,Catch the key again,Let Asama’s doubts continue to expand,Finally broke through the opponent’s psychological defense。
Is this the use of micro expressions!
With keen insight,Capture tiny expressions,Capture real information a little bit from the other’s faint expression,Find the right route,Finally break through the opponent’s psychological defense!!
Tang Ze Criminal’s Use of this Skill,Have you reached this point?!!
“The level difference is too far…”
Conan clenched his fist,“Our professional skills are too far apart,This is the gap in knowledge,It will not be able to make up for a while。
It’s ridiculous that I have been wasting time in elementary school,Obviously those elementary school courses are completely useless to myself as a high school student。
But I didn’t know how to use these class time,Make up one’s own expertise!”
Such self,Too slack!!
First170chapter Catch all
When I think of myself in class,Because those elementary school problems are so boring,Just pass the time in a daze,Conan felt that the original self,I was wasting my time。
Have these time,Isn’t it good to learn professional knowledge?!!
Thought of this,Conan is secretly cruel,Be prepared to study in addition to the free time after school,You should also use all the time for class!
To become stronger,Study hard!!
To surpass Tangze,Beyond all detectives,become“Sherlock Holmes in the Heisei Period”,Going to burst!!

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