“Indeed,Is a tricky opponent…”

First180chapter Undercurrent
With the voice of gin falling,A female voice slowly entered the ears of the two people in the front seat from the back seat of the car。
Gin dangling his cigarette and looking back slightly,“I specifically asked you to come and support that useless old thing,Made you get into trouble with him。”
“indeed,Don’t even collect the most basic intelligence,But it caused me a lot of trouble。”Belmode looking in the mirror,Put lipstick on the lips,“It’s better to die,Otherwise, something might go wrong someday。”
Close the mirror in your hand,Belmode speaks again:“correct,Sister Miyano hasn’t been there yet??”
“Humph…That organization protects it well。”A trace of jealousy flashed across his face when the gin said,“So far we haven’t found any news。”
“Yo,I didn’t expect to see you so afraid of a certain organization one day。”Belmode took out the cigarette and put it in his mouth and smiled:“Come obviouslyFBII don’t care about it。”
“Humph.Can save sisters Miyano quietly,The mysterious organization whose identity is still unknown,Don’t say you are not afraid。
The unknown is the most terrible,We are the enemy,Without finding out their identity for a day,Things like today will continue to happen。”
The gin hidden in the shadow has deep eyes,Heard Belmode,Can’t help but sneer:“if not like this,BOSSI won’t send you absinthe specially to Neon, right?。”
As a person who wanders in the dark all year round,Except for his cruel and cruel personality,The mind is absolutely calm enough。
Extraordinary mind、Reasoning ability、Adaptability、Alertness、Strong insight,Ruthless to others and myself,These are the reasons why he is difficult。
So although a character like this is usually more aggressive and domineering,But it doesn’t mean that gin has no brains,Will not judge the situation calmly。
If you can’t even maintain basic judgment and calmness,Gin will not be the strongest black opponent in more than a thousand episodes.。

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