The thought of her going back to Guo Jinhai,I don’t feel like it in my heart,Watching her sitting cross-legged under a giant tree, using fine vines to help me mow my pants,Her graceful back and beautiful black hair are very gentle,I have a gentle touch in my heart,The picture in front of me is really warm and beautiful,I really want time to freeze at this moment,Let happiness stand still。

While she sews the gap,I opened the broadleaf bag she sent,There is wild boar and snake meat inside,These meats are rubbed with coarse salt,And cut it squarely with a knife,Can be saved for a period of time,Thinking of Monkey King, I want to eat barbecue,So I set up a branch and prepared to roast it,After all, that guy is still working hard,I should reward it。
Make the fire bigger,The flames were rising and roasting the wild boar that was pierced on the branch to squeak oil,Looks dark in color,Very appetizing,The fragrance wafts under the giant tree,I am also a little hungry by the fragrance,Can’t help but eat a piece of skewers,Ok,Really fragrant!
I didn’t expect I just chewed a few bites,Squeaks on the trunk,It turned out that Mr. Monkey is back,It is hiding in the branches and leaves of the giant tree and peeping at us。That guy must be watching me eat meat,So I can’t help but condemn me severely。
Chu Hong is sewing my pants with fine rattan,Suddenly heard the monkey calling,Scared her,Raise your head quickly,It happened to have a match with Monkey King,Chu Hong screamed in fright,Turned over and ran towards me,I pushed her shivering to the giant tree behind me:“Don’t be afraid,It’s the Mr. Five Hundred I said。”
“I know I know!You quickly let it go!I must have nightmares when I see its red eyes!”Chu Hong’s voice trembled,Presumably the danger she experienced on the trunk frightened her。
I’m kind of funny,Chu Hong, who was calm before, didn’t expect to become so timid now,So I waved to Monkey King,Let it leave,But Monkey King looked at my barbecue with eyesight,I didn’t even think about leaving。
So I had to get up,Send the kebab under the tree,Just raised the skewers,The guy squeaked,Jump out from the branches and leaves,Jumped down lightly,One arm gently grasps the trunk,The other gently took away the meat skewers from my hand,Then get up and fly,Leap forward again, the dense branches and leaves disappeared。
This series of movements of Monkey King can be described as smooth and skilled,Perfect to the extreme。
Back to the fire again,Saw the monkey leave,Chu Hong slowly calmed down,She handed me most of the pants:“give,I can’t delay anymore,Never go back,Guo Jinhai must come here。”
Since I can’t keep her,Then I have to let her go,I handed her the fruit hidden under the roots sourly,She was surprised:“You have fruit here?Oh my God!”
I briefly talked about Monkey King,Chu Hong still looks incredible,She looked at the tree trunk in surprise:“This island is really magic,There is such a spiritual animal,but,But its red eyes are really scary。”
I want to send Chu Hong away,But she insisted not to send it:“You stay here forever,Find me if you have anything,I will come over to notify you as soon as I have news。”

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