Chapter One Hundred and Forty One Su Mei is missing

Three days passed quickly,Because the road is clear,The migration plan went well,The newly appointed leader of Lu Xiong is also very reliable,The news sent by someone also gives us peace of mind。
Next,The plan to enter the inner island is officially launched。
Because the road ends in the abandoned area,So we have to walk in,Wenru’s whiplash has recovered a lot,Walking does not affect,But the journey still feels hard,After all, you have to carry so much ammunition and food,These loads are a great test for our journey。
Lu Xiong was a little abnormal on the road,He would look back and see from time to time,Although his expression is not visible on the mask,But I feel his mood is a bit wrong,So I tentatively asked him,But he just smiled and said nothing。His behavior makes me very upset,I think he must have something on his mind。
The forest on the inner island is more lush than the outside,Thick trees abound,And some trees tower into the sky,It seems to be tens of meters high。Walking in the forest consumes energy,Plus our loads,So our journey is very slow,According to the instrument display of Xiaolong belt,It took two days to walk forty kilometers。
Afternoon of the third day,The sky suddenly darkened,It looks like it will rain,So we chose an open space to set up a tent to rest,Not long,Torrential rain pouring down,Smashed on the tent,The world is plunged into a misty world。
Six of us set up four tents,This time it’s me and Xiaolong,Ouyang and Wenru are in one place,Lu Xiong and Su Mei set up a tent alone,for safety,Our tents are all set up in one place。Heavy rain,I guess this is the biggest rain since I went to the island。
We took out the alcohol stove and cooked something to eat,Eating vigorously,That fellow Ouyang smells the fragrance,Walk in the rain to see,Seeing the guy who ate was exuberant,So cheekily eat with us,Ate for a long time,That guy actually took canned food and prepared to send it to Su Mei,Me and Xiaolong are dumbfounded,I didn’t expect this guy to take our things as a favor,Really speechless。
He ran to Su Mei’s tent in the rain,Open the tent curtain,Suddenly in a daze,Then screamed:“Come here quickly!Su Mei is gone!”
All of us panicked,Everyone got out of the tent and ran to Su Mei tent,The tent is really empty,Even her weapon and package are gone!Lu Xiong’s mask was soaked in the rain,His Dali face looks even more absurd:“Look like this,Su Mei doesn’t want to follow us all the way。”
Ouyang shouted excitedly all around:“Meimei, why are you crazy??What do you mean by running alone?This forest is so big,You are not afraid of tigers?”
I can hear that Ouyang is very worried about Su Mei,I feel bad too,In fact, Su Mei’s performance these days is not quite right,God does not guard the house all day。

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