If there is dragon scale fruit,I can get in with the power of suspension,But to speed up the healing of Xiaolong and their wounds,The fruit has been used up,So the biggest obstacle this time is the grid。

I thought about this question repeatedly,But the final solution still falls on the skeleton,Maybe I can use the force of the skeleton to break through the grid,Of course this is just an idea,I still need to practice it myself。
Xiaolong, they sent me and Ouyang to the wooden stake gate and stopped,We hug each other and clap our shoulders,Like a real comrade in arms,Ouyang carried a pocket full of resentment,Sneer at their farewell blessings:“If there is a kind, follow us in,What kind of pretense is here?”
After using the skeleton to break through the grid,Our feet finally stepped on the soft green grass,There is still the moon this night,The moonlight shining coldly on the grass,The forest belt in the distance looks deep and strange,It seems that a dense swarm of zombies is spying on us maliciously。
This time we only brought the punch. Machine gun,pistol,A few bullets.folder,Our hands.Lei not much left,So I didn’t bring it this time,Compare with me,Ouyang will be more troublesome,After all, the pocket is heavy,It’s estimated to be fifty catties。
Ouyang panted with his back,Every time I want to put it down,Monkey King jumped up and grabbed his hair for a while,Ouyang’s teeth are in pain,But dare not speak loudly,I had to endure the pain and put my pocket back on my back。
After entering the restricted area grass,Monkey King jumped from my arms,And then ran into the woods,We have to follow it。
Although we have been to this place,But after that time of death,We don’t even remember where the wooden house is,Right now we can only resign。
It’s strange to think of it,After we broke through the grid, we ran a lot of mutant monkeys,Unexpectedly, Monkey King didn’t follow the crowd,This also surprised me,But to save us,It can actually break through the wooden door with a skeleton,I must have made great courage and determination,By all accounts, Mr. Monkey has saved me many times,It is simply the protector of my island。
that’s it,The two of us followed the jumping monkeys into the artificial forest one after another,The woods are very dark,Moonlight shines through the canopy,Light and shadow stand vertically and horizontally,The picture is actually beautiful。
It’s not very convenient for me to wear night vision,But dare not take it down,After all, that thing is sensitive to heat,You can observe whether there are animals around,We can avoid them before they appear。
After several brutal fights,I really hate and hate fighting against these animals,Not just because I hate killing,But because they can’t kill!You will never experience the thrill of a group of unkillable monsters fighting against you,That kind of great psychological oppression cannot be expressed,It directly makes you despair!
Follow the monkey in the forest for a long time,The front suddenly opens up,It’s actually a huge cement steel structure,In fact, it exists like an unfinished building,The difference from the abandoned research center is,These only have structure,That is, the building after the cement casting cover,No doors or windows,There are no handrails on the stairs,Is a lively semi-finished product。
Observe carefully with night vision,This building is different from an unfinished building,For example, the room separated by the building is very small,Some rooms are still separated by iron cages,In the middle of the building is a hall,There are several free water points and feeding troughs,There seem to be horns and wires on the beams between floors。
There are some windows at the corner of the second floor,And the window still looks like it is nailed up。

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