When this sound is finished,obviously,For the current,It is even more people who have some beginning.。

And Qin Night turned,It’s even looking at the time.。
Qin Night brow wrinkled:“Shen Xuan?”
As for Shen Xuan,It is slowly moving towards this.。
While walking forward,While talking:“Be right,it is me。”
“You are the people of the night assassin group.,What to do here is,Still even!”
Anyway, in Shen Xuan looks,itself,It’s not a little.,What will this look like?。
As for Qin Night,Anger:“Humph,Fight with you!”
Chapter 296 said,You can’t do it.
Enthusiasm,Shenxuan at this time,Poor is very light。
Other things,What should I don’t say?。
But now,In fact, in Shen Xuan,But you can play。
“Head tie。”
Behind,The voice of the war hall。
But for Shen Xuan,In fact, it is not to take these too serious.。
Even in Shen Xuan looks,Want to handle this,It’s very easy to mention。
This,When Shen Xuan slowly lifted his head and bowed。
obviously,For this point,How should I solve it?,It’s even more no doubtful。
In front of Shen Xuan,Qin Ning was originally like planned to work with Shen Xuan.,Take advantage of this opportunity to kill Shen Xuan directly。
But now,But it is a bit suppressed。
This is to let Qin Night don’t understand。
“what,Why is my attack?,For him,Nothing is used?”
It is in front of you in Qin Night.,The whole person’s heart,It is the dark thinking here.。
But this time,In front of Qin Night,Shen Xuan station here,Lift your head to show your eyes,Whole person’s mouth,It’s even a touch of smile.。
But from now on,Shen Xuan is not intention。
“All said,You can’t do it.,Why is this,Obstacle?”
Shen Xuan’s line of sight falls in front of him,It is stunned。
Shen Xuan’s words,It’s like directly slaughtering.,Take over the eyes。
at this point,From itself,It is even more people who have some beginning.。
And for the Qin Night in front of you,These things,What should I do?。
Itself,In fact, it is no longer there.。
But in this case,In fact, for Qin Night,Start now,What should I do?,at this point,In fact, it is,There is only one purpose left in his heart.。
anyway,Be sure to dry out Shen Xuan。
Surroundings,Members of those dark night assassins,Also, I’m angry, I look at Shen Xuan.。
“hateful,Damn born,This guy is really arrogant.。”
“That’s right,I really think,This look,Can you change anything??”
“It’s really too much to laugh.,But even if you really say it now.,In fact, there is no use of everywhere.。”

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