Wang Youcai got up early this day,Because he received a call from Feng Yan at night,Hu Huiru is coming to check the work。Boss is coming,He dare not care。

Early in the morning,He and Liu Ying cleaned the entire yard。And every office,No matter what you started using,Still reserved,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to scrub again。
Even the toilet,Under the supervision of Wang Youcai, Liu Ying was washed at least five times.。He also ingeniously let Liu Ying spray inferior perfume into it。
Everything is ready,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to hide in Yao Chunni for a while。After all, every boss is selfish,If Hu Huiru saw that without a job,,Wang Youcai also brought Liu Ying who was eating free meals,She must not be happy in her heart。
Waiting for someone is the most boring thing,Wang Youcai started at 8 o’clock in the morning,Waited till ten o’clock,I saw two small cars, one black and one white, coming from a distance。
The white car in front,Wang Youcai saw it right away,This is Feng Yan’s private car。And which black car,It should be Hu Huiru’s car。
Two cars drove into the compound one after another,Finally stopped slowly。The door opens,Feng Yanla opens the door,So he came over to Wang Youcai,She laughed:“Thank you so much,Well done,This is simply a paradise”
“Really? Manager Feng?If you think it’s good,How do you really feel when you come to live for two days??”Wang Youcai said strangely。
Hu Huiru’s car door opened at this time,First get down from the other side a woman in black。After the woman opened the car door for Hu Huiru quickly,Hu Huiru got out of the car。
Milky white trench coat,Big black sunglasses,With her white skin,Wang Youcai almost drools。Feng Yan gently pushed Wang Youcai and said:“Not too soon,Why are you standing stupid??”
After recovering, Wang Youcai said loudly:“Welcome to Mr. Hu to check the work”Wang Youcai said,Take a few steps。He stretched out his hand,Ready to hold Hu Huiru。
This before,He and Hu Huiru are cooperative。So he was a bit presumptuous in front of Hu Huiru,It can be said to be a bit unscrupulous。But now it’s different,Hu Huiru became his real boss,It’s his meal,I want Hu Huiru to reward him。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai,Hesitated,Still stretched out her white jade hand,A symbolic shook with Wang Youcai。
“Manager Wang!Is this superficial work done well??”Hu Huiru said with a smile。
Wang Youcai let go of Hu Huiru’s jade-like hands,Said with a big smile:“President Hu is coming,We must pay attention,We have to do the last one even if it’s a superficial article”

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