“It’s Hexiangui,Zhu Minglang, please go to Mianshan Jianzong as soon as possible,Please head out of the mountain,We saw……We saw the mountain fairy,It destroyed Guangshan Zizonglin。”Bai Qin’an seems to have resigned。

“Your situation is not good now!”I wish Minglang a close to the river,The river is like a grumpy dragon,Furiously twisting his body。
“We can’t live,I’m afraid you are not the opponent of this Hexiangui,Don’t waste our lives for us,”Bai Qin’an said。
“Senior White is so humorous,Just this little spirit,I wish Minglang clean it up as easy as picking teeth。”Zhu Minglang said。
Talk about it,Zhu Minglang opened his spiritual realm,Is planning to summon the sword spirit dragon and the ice white dragon,Beat this monster who teased the lives of others……
Immediately, I wish Minglang discovered his two dragons,Already sleeping like a baby,Don’t say anything,I can’t even blow a strong wind。
“amount,Tianshalong,You should be thirsty too,See what kind of river fairy will drink your taste。”Zhu Minglang said to Tianshalong。
Tianshalong got most of his head out of the picture,Squinted his eyes and looked at this river fairy。
There are thousands of years。
But no blood。
Not own food。
But the accuracy of the river can quench thirst,Replenish a lot of body water。
Tiansha Dragon finally flew out of the spiritual realm。
Surging,After a meteoric reshape,It does lack a lot of water,This Hexiangui happened to be the Holy Spirit in the early years,Swallow it,It’s equivalent to drinking some biological bone marrow、Invigorate blood。
Tiansha Dragon doesn’t even bother to open its wings,Just swimming along the ground。
Although its scales are dark,But brilliant,The muscles of the dark jade show the nobleness of the dragon king!
Body raised high,The king snake usually comes with a bit of awe,It opened its mouth,I saw that its throat is like a deep universe,The terrible light of broken star destruction pouring out!!!

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