Cold,Deep marrow。

Monkey lows the head,Shiver。
How much is the colorful fox?。
The sound of the empty voice came from all directions,Direct to the brain。
“What is the purpose??”
“It seems to be for the dragon corpse。”
The temperature in the temple suddenly fell a few degrees,Second monster。
“knew。You are staring at it at any time.。”
“That person’s strength is very strong,Very strong。”
“I will be behind you.。”
Second demon。
If there is a mountain god,They are really not afraid。
The means of mountain gods they all met,Rolling any monster in the mountain。
They queen after them,Go now to find a forest。
And Lin rang at the moment, he has reached his destination.。
A small house built by stones。
Determine from the map,It is this place.,Lin lived in the door。
First look, see the monster of the personal faucet sitting on the bed.,Lin loudly,Unbelievable look at fox and elephants。
See them,Lin ring,He didn’t see a mistake。
This is the dragon,A bit like a person,Unloracted。
Take a whole room,Not because of the age of a long time。
There are three big boxes on the wall.,In the past,I found it inside.。
The map is definitely not it.,Since it is not its hand,Others will have to take things away.。
Maybe he streams the map,Just to let others find it,I saw the box.,Disappointed。
It can be biased by the map.。
A senior man who can touch the baby。
“You are close to the door.!”
Fox retreat,Close the door,And elephant whisper。
“I thought there was any baby.,I didn’t expect to be a step by step.。”

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