New employees don’t understand what they don’t understand,Also started to follow,All of a sudden I saw people in black uniforms running away,The scene is like making a movie。

“Don’t froze,Run!”A big tall guy grabbed Li Tianchou。Li Tianchou has a look,The big guy is familiar,Is a new colleague,Just never said something,I seem to remember to call Luo Jun when calling。Mind wavering,I couldn’t help but ran along。
Sirens,Stimulating everyone’s extra effort to run。Many people are panicking,I can run in any direction,But the black suits that were defeated by Li Tianchou,I was injured and couldn’t run,I also chose the direction of the van.,Was caught by the police。
Li Tianchou and Luo Jun didn’t know how far they ran,I can’t see the construction site anyway。Luo Jun is too tired to bear,Sat down on the ground,Gasping。
Li Tianchou also rested,Sat beside Luo Jun。Two people looked at each other,Luo Jun suddenly burst out laughing,The tears of laughter are almost streaming out。
“Why are you laughing?”Li Tianchou surprised。
“Haha,I laugh……Hehe,I laugh at this stupid company,Return damn high-end service……You said……Haha……”Luo Jun is still out of breath with a smile。
Li Tianchou couldn’t help but smile,Suddenly think of Wang Zhaokun, who is full of flesh, and Fan Heimian, who is extremely disgusting.,It’s really weird and full of funny,There is a little absurdity in the comic。
“You can run。”It’s so good to wait for the other person to stop smiling,Li Tianchou took out a cigarette and handed it to Luo Jun。
Luo Jun shook his head,“Can run without you,This just killed me half my life。Oh shit,No physical fitness。”Sighed again,“I can see it,In the whole gang, the two of us were considered serious soldiers。It sounds good when recruiting,What do you say only recruit high-quality veterans……What are these bad companies。”
Li Tianchou smiled and said nothing,Took out the lighter and lit the cigarette,Luo Jun took a few breaths:“Just now you made a decisive move,If it wasn’t for me,I have to beat those grandsons with you,So fucking stupid。”
“What year are you a soldier?”Li Tianchou didn’t continue the topic just now。
“In 1995,inFJservice,Changed jobs in 1998,Was assigned to a collective factory。Oh shit,Fell in three months,I haven’t even recognized my colleagues。”Luo Jun anxious。
“That’s a coincidence,We are soldiers of the same age,I’m hereSXservice。”Li Tianchou Yile。
“SXQuite far,Why did you think of running here??Didn’t you assign jobs when you changed jobs??”Luo Jun is curious。
“I am a rural soldier,How can there be any assignments?。I am a comrade in armsSZThe part-time job called me over。Have been here for more than half a year,Still nothing。”Li Tianchou sighed。
Luo Jun nodded,Took a puff of flue:“almost,I came two years earlier than you,It’s not like this bird now?This shit is not good in the world。What are your plans next?”
“What’s your plan,Then look for a job。If it doesn’t work, go back home。”Li Tianchou is indeed a little confused at this time,I can’t help thinking about the past six months,What did you do when you rushed from the mountains to this flower world?。
“Retired after only half a year?Why are you back home?Farming?Haha,Marry a wife?I have been mixed for three years,I haven’t thought about going back yet。Oh shit,I don’t believe that this great city has no place for Lao Tzu?”Luo Jun’s ridiculous rhetorical question made Li Tianchou blush.,Although the idea may be different,But people’s spirits are much stronger than their own。

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