2Several advertisements in Hall No.,Can see from afar,Just what Xu Feng saidBWhere is the third floor??Xia Jian drove the car,While thinking about this question。

suddenly,Bai Li pointed to the front and said:“President Xia!I think this2Pavilion No. is built from east to west,So from east to west,The first building should beADong,And so onBBuilding should be the second building。Bai Li is really smart,What she said,Xia Jian immediately understood。
This belongs to the new development zone,Many people work during the day,Still looks a bit lively。But at night,Here is abnormally quiet。Drive all the way,Hardly saw a figure。
Xia Jian dare not drive the lights,Drove the car slowly。Bai Li is right,Side of the first row of buildings,Really bigAword。
Parked the car in a darker place on the side of the road,Xia Jian said to Bai Li:“You have to be obedient,This is the first time for you,But for me,It’s commonplace。If you come with me,It will drag me down,Understand?”
The expression on Baili’s face is very complicated,She thought for a moment,Finally nodded and said:“I’ll listen to you,But you have to be careful,Found something wrong,Withdraw immediately,We think of other ways”
Xia Jian nodded,No more words。His two eyes kept looking out the car window,The ears are also standing up right now。Apart from the patter of rain outside the window,Can’t hear any more,This night is extremely quiet。
Xia Jian lifted the scarf around his neck,Covered half of his face with a scarf,Only then gently pushed away the station and went down。
Behind her came a mosquito-like reminder:“President Xia be careful!”Xia Jian did not speak,But clenched fists,Swayed towards the sky。The silence speaks。
Xia Jian touched it lightly。Security guard room in front of the gate,A guy in a cotton coat wrapped himself up like Zongzi。This man leaned back on the chair,Eyes closed,He can be heard snoring from far away。
Xia Jian walked over gently。The retractable door has a small slit on the side that one can pass through。This may be for the convenience of pedestrians。
So Xia Jian’s side,Squeezed in through this small gap。The security guard on duty sleeps like a dead pig,Did not move。
As soon as I walk in,Xia Jian slowed down。He found it directlyBDong,Then he touched the door of a shop and took a look。Found that the house number turned out to be12number,12Number appeared,Then6Number may not be far away。

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