Chapter One Thousand and Three Reshape the small world

Li Tianzhi’s pace suddenly slowed down,But still powerful,Because he can’t find God hiding,Or that the connection between him and Shenzang was temporarily interrupted,He vaguely knew what happened,So don’t panic,Just not sure how long this change will last。
If he can explore the gods with the eyes of the sea of knowledge,Will be surprised,That colorful little world has disappeared,The entire space has become a huge turbid sphere,Dull surface,Spreading terrible energy in the slow rotation。
From time to time, wisps of flies like smoke float out,In the outer layer of the dark gods, it quickly becomes invisible,Li Tianzhu’s whole body keeps blazing flames,There is constant whistling in the sky,Pieces of Seven Flame Armor’s accessories have fallen,The clothes presented by Dayan have long been burned to ashes,But it happened to be replaced by Lie Jia。
Very complicated and terrifying changes are taking place inside the giant turbid sphere,Violent energies of different attributes are constantly colliding violently,Some disappeared after the high temperature,Re-aggregate,And then form a more violent force,The collision of two evenly matched energy bodies often causes a terrible shock.,There is a violent substance like green smoke that will spill out,More energy attachments will gradually quiet down after the explosion。
This attachment seems to be continuously subdivided,Until the smallest particle that cannot be divided,In fact, it is a rune of different complexity,Simple only one point,The complexity is a hundred times more complicated than the most difficult seal script Li Tianzhen has ever seen。
This process of repeated internal collisions and combinations is actually only a short tens of breaths.,Li Tianzhen seems to have gone through a long time,It is strange that,No matter how violent the collision,Didn’t cause him too serious injury,The worst feeling is mental retardation,Bad limb response,It is difficult to coordinate with hands and feet,So he had to slow down,Even so, it was extremely difficult,Even fell several somersaults。
Although Li Tianzhen can’t experience the terrifying energy collision,But the kinsmen in the entire col have a terrible experience,Kind of feeling than**It’s uncomfortable to explode around,The heart was hit by a sledgehammer,The blood and tissues in the body vibrate violently with the collision,The supernatural powers with weak cultivation bases were instantly blurred。
Strong magicians are not comfortable,Have mobilized the true essence to resist hard,High-ranking blood races are less shocked,And only those who are truly strong are unmoved,Including those mysterious old men,But their hearts are beyond horror,Emotions are written on the old face,As if it’s just a time for breathing,Every old man’s wrinkles on his forehead and eye corners have deepened a bit。
Not only the old men know the terrible energy,Even the underground holy blood array sent a very manic shock,As if full of anger at this provocation,This time,Sinna and the old men’s perceptions are real。
This feeling is mixed,The Holy Blood Array is finally going to see the sun again,And the breath bursting out of Li Tianzhi’s body makes all the strong jealous,An old man finally couldn’t help it,The body soars into the air to kill Li Tianzhi,But the plasma in the crater suddenly rolled,The surrounding rock formations are already cracking,So under the gaze of other elders, he fell back to the original place.,No one dares to let go at this critical time。
So all the high-ranking blood that stood around the crater began to sing the unknown ancient ballad loudly.,With the exaggerated body gradually,Entered a state of madness similar to a pilgrim。
Originally a trace of divinity was not enough to cause such terrible changes as Li Tianzhu’s Godzang,But his determination to die twice,Finally activated the strong emergency mechanism in the body,The underlying attributes that had been dormant for a long time suddenly broke out,In addition, it senses a very threatening atmosphere of destruction,This outbreak is so violent and sudden。
Both Li Xiucheng and Dayan once said that he has a chaotic physique,As a great magician,They could see the extremely chaotic aura in Li Tianzhi’s body at a glance,The breath and structure of all magicians can be explained by rules,Only Li Tianzhen can’t,He seems to have his own special laws,It seems to be irregular,Can be an infinitely wide space,Can accommodate the next world,Can hide ancient temples,It can also be as small as condensed into a sphere。
This is why although Li Tianzhen is awakening step by step,But the magical powers are always out of order,Yuwen’s big black gun,Li Xiucheng’s Leaf Knife,Introductory strategy of the God of War Temple,Even in‘Ranger’Real time‘Phantom kill’Can also be used as supernatural powers,If so, wait a pot of hodgepodge,Nothing like the god of war back then。
The so-called rule of everything,There is no long way to go,Do not follow established laws and rules is chaos,Garbage itself is also a rule,Is a lower level rule,The upper-level rules are broken and chaos is formed,Chaos is not sustainable,New rules will inevitably be generated after chaos,So in the development of things,Chaos is not the norm,But essential。
The chaos in the breath of Li Tianzhu’s gods’ reservoir is also not unusual,Is a necessary process in further awakening,But this chaos transcends all underlying rules,Is the chaos law that overthrows everything,No life physique can withstand such subversion,But chaos can。

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