“What is this,Open it for me quickly,otherwise。。Hum”

Fuming with a heavy threat,The guard’s palm clenched,The companion on the side held him。
“Hehe,Master Wang,You please”
Another guard hurriedly opened the gate,Bow the waist and raise the hand falsely,Fuming snorted,Only then walked out of the city gate。
“I say you are stupid,Can we afford this royal family in this parkway city?!If he wants us to die,We don’t know how to die”
The scolded guard kicked the stone,Look depressed,I knew I would let him out,I don’t have to be scolded。
Fuming quickly headed towards Mine No. 3,The bracelet shows the map indicator given by Morfin。
“Full shot,Don’t keep your hands!”
The energy of the three people skyrocketed,Rush towards the fire-eater spirit fox in front of you。
Bloodthirsty killing intent gushes in the eyes of Fire Devouring Spirit Fox。
“Combat skills—Black light die!”
Sun Qin’s dark attributes expand,A tyrannical energy rushed towards the Fire Devouring Fox。
“Humph,Little Mars!”

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