“Go! Go! Go!Don’t mention this later,Otherwise i won’t care about you again。I am leaving!”He Jing said,Turn around and leave。

Monkey Lu was anxious,He rushed over with a limping leg,He grabbed He Jing,Hippie smiley said:“Leave a call!I’ll see you when I have time”
He Jing hesitated,But he left his phone number to Monkey Lu。
He Jing returned to the clinic,Doctor Lu is back,He is giving the patient’s pulse。Wait until he finishes seeing the patient,He Jing lowered his voice and said to Doctor Lu:“Your son just stayed here just now,And quarreled with boss Wang”“This evil,I really have nothing to do with him。You gave him money?”Doctor Lu asked softly。
First2429 If hard is not good, come soft
He Jing smiled and said:“He is your son,I can’t just say no favors!Took five hundred yuan,Is it a bit too little?”
“Hi!You shouldn’t give him money,This guy is not good,Don’t provoke him,Otherwise, don’t come to me if you suffer”
Know the son and the father,Doctor Lu said to his son,Long ago lost hope。He doesn’t ask him to change much,Just begging him to do less ridiculous things now。That’s why he told He Jing,If this is for someone else,Really don’t understand him。
Julan, who was grabbing medicine, suddenly raised her head and said:“Are all this big,It’s almost the same if he should support the family,How can he ask you for money?It’s really a bit shameful”
“Hi!The world has changed,These young people are almost like this now”
He Jing said this,I feel a bit wrong with what I said,So I took a quick look at Wang Youcai。Because Wang Youcai is two years younger than Lu Monkey,But Wang Youcai is now a small boss。
Wang Youcai is sitting at the counter,He helped Julan collect the money,While analyzing why He Jing wanted to help Lu Monkey。Judging from the situation just now,He Jing didn’t know Lu Monkey before,She did,It should be because I wanted to treat Dr. Lu。
This woman is smart,I should have felt something recently,That’s why she is so diligent,Otherwise according to her daily performance,She would never do this。
Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about this,His phone rang。Hu Huiru called,Wang Youcai was surprised,But he quickly calmed down。
“Manager Wang!Are you in the market?”

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