“Sister Anna?Are you sure you are saving me?You got stuck yourself,No wonder you can’t pull me……”

“Where’s Zhang Song?Why are you running so fast?!I lost the two big people!”Anna Cao patted Zhang Song next to him,I found out that he was wearing a big earphone,High-decibel music is playing inside,I didn’t hear the conversation between the other two at all!
“Want to die?Come back and save me and Shunzi,We fell into the swamp!”Anna Cao took off Zhang Song’s headphones,Yelled。
“I said why I blinked,You are all gone,Dare to love is to wander into the swamp trap?How come I have you two teammates,Beg me,I’ll consider whether to save you!”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Song brother,Look at your screen,It seems that our army commander found you,You seem to be shot!”Shunzi said。
“I rub!Not found,Not found late,I found out when I was going to save you!Fortunately it was just a minor injuryHPLost20,Mu Deshi,Watch Laozi’s tactical evacuation!”Zhang Song ran away after hearing the gun,Towards the direction where the two teammates were trapped。
“Give me an exact location!”Zhang Song asked。
“How to report position?”Cao Anna asked。
“Look at the map in the upper right corner of the screen,There are two numbers!”Zhang Song anxiously。
“where?Why can’t i find it?”Cao Anna is a little confused。
“it’s here!coordinate126,48。”Shunzi sideways,Help Anna Cao point out。
“Correct,Just126,48!”Anna Cao quickly said。
“How long will you be trapped to death?”Zhang Song asked again。
“probably,50second,I only have my head outside,Song brother!”Shunzi shouted。

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