Nalande,Haha laughed:“That’s great,For my own disease,I’ve quit this wine for many years”

Between talking,Nalanyu took out a small square box。Naland Ping takes it,By the way to Xia Jian。He smiled and said:“A little bronze lion,Worthless,It’s just that I think Mr. Xia’s popularity is,Goes well with this lion”
Xia Jian took it,Open it gently,There is indeed a small copper lion in the small wooden box,Looks a bit old,He thinks nothing special,So he laughed and said:“Then I laughed”
First2072chapter After drinking
Everyone had a very happy meal。Especially the Nalanyu family,Smile on everyone’s face。Even Nalanyu’s mother offered Xia Jian two glasses of wine。
Originally let Naland sit for half an hour,I didn’t expect this to sit for an hour。It’s best to be urged by Nalanyu,The old man returned to the bedroom with the help of his wife。
The strange thing is that after Nalanyu’s mother followed in,Never came out。Nalanyu and Xia Jian are left at the dinner table。
Xia Jian didn’t drink much,So his heart is very clear。He clearly felt,This is two old men deliberately giving him and Nalanyu a chance to get along alone。
“Come!My dad can’t drink,I come to respect you”Na Yulan unbuttoned the collar of the work clothes,A posture to drink with Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“End here today,I can’t drink more of this wine。Come to Japan,Wait for me to come back againGZRear,When treating your dad,Let’s drink”Xia Jian said,Snatched the bottle from Nalanyu,And closed the lid。
Nalanyu took a breath and said:“Ok!I wait for this day”
Xia Jian nodded,Put the small wooden box in your pocket,Get up and go。Nalanyu also drank a lot of wine,So she can’t drive,But she kept sending Xia Jian to the side of the horse race。Until Xia Jian stopped a taxi,,She returned home reluctantly。
On arrival at the hotel,The first thing Xia Jian did was to take out the small wooden box in his pocket and put it in his backpack,Then took a bath。Washed all the dirty clothes。He is going back to Bucheon tomorrow,I’m still very excited。
But no one call from Bucheon,I don’t know if there is anything wrong with the land transfer。I’m going to investigate tomorrow,None of this has been implemented,Think of it,Xia Jian’s heart is particularly irritable。
Where is Grandma Luo?,I don’t know what the situation is now。He left without saying goodbye,Also blacklisted Luo Yi and her office phone。He did this,It will inevitably make people think more。
Xia Jian walked around in the hotel room,He is really annoying。Suddenly the phone on the coffee table rang。Xia Jian saw that Yang Ying came from the phone,He is busy。
“Hey!President Xia,What are you up to?Don’t call me and ask how we are going tomorrow”One call,Yang Ying complained softly on the phone。

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