Tiyin Yao,Sichuan Luo Sakuo,Night cold,The four women stand in void,It’s like dreaming,This teacher from unsatisfactory,Go in a hurry,Just leave。

“Teacher Niang has feelings to Lin Feng。”Sichuan Luo Yaku is ancient。
“Of course I have feelings.,Otherwise, Lin Feng will not return my Master.,Would rather be killed,I don’t want to change the teacher.。”Night cold laugh。
“Will not give us such a big gift。”Evil, beautiful smile:“I feel http://www.yx-sc.cn that Xiaolin Yu and Xiao Daoxuan’s gift is more expensive than us.。”
“More expensive than us?There is also a gift that is more expensive than Phoenix.?”Tao Yin Yao Wen Yan is slightly surprised:“Even if the soldiers are not necessarily better than the Phoenix.?”
“have no idea,Feelings。”Evil nodded and laughed。
“Waiting for them to grow up,I know under the sacrifice.。”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed:“I really want to see,pity,forget it。”
“Little Sakura,Your language is there?”Night cold, suddenly looks at the Sakurae Road, Sichuan Island。
“I said, don’t be angry.。”Sichuan Luo Sakura:“I think the teacher’s feelings of Lin Feng’s feelings.,Not a teacher, so simple,A kind of love!”
Tell this,Tiyin Yao,Night cold,Evil is incredible to watch Sakawan Luo Sakura。
“Personal opinion,Don’t like it。”Sichuan Luo Yaki laughs:“forget it,Don’t look at me like this。”
“Small sakura,You think too much。”Tiyin Yao is white in Sichuan Luo Yaki。
“Maybe I am too sensitive.,But tell the truth,I really like this teacher’s mother.。”Sichuan Luo Yaki smiled:“All right,Don’t talk about this,I have to be familiar with the ten parties to kill.。”Talking is that the Sichuan Luo Yak turned directly to it.。
“Let’s go too.,Arrays。”Night cold and cold directly pulled the evil and Tang Yinyao left.。
Wind star,Three flavors,Three flavor is powerful than any time,27Level above the top of the boulder rolled down,The air is flying out and disappeared.,Now27The stairs have been broken.。
The boulder on the stairs is broken.。
A shadow is like a god like a similarity.27At the end of the stairs,Covered dust,These dusts have formed a stone shell.,A stone image。
Stone statue is blew with this most violent three-flavor,Seven years,I don’t know how much it experienced.。
At this time, a graphic figure came out from the void.,This person is around the body,It is Dongfang Yin,Dongfang Yin came to the appearance,Extending the white veins can’t help but touch the cheeks of the stone statue。
NS1124chapter Stone statue
Stone statue is not moving。
Like a silence。
The Eastern Yin’s eye is a tear,She bends down the waist and holding stone statues,After a long time, she stood up.,Her figure http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn trembles。
Her eyebrow suddenly turned a black airflow,Black airflow is violent,Let her look 狰狞,Her skull has a feeling of cracking。
A low voice from her throat,This sound is slight in the wind,Her body emerges a milky white ray,The milky white rays directly rewarded the black airflow,Black airflow gradually subsided。
Her mouth overflows a slight blood color。
“Old days。”

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