Armor,I saw it again.,Can’t help but stunned。

This goes into the ball.?Too fake.?
“Really cool!”
The Raw Robi is excited to jump from the row chair.,Pambox!
“You gamble?”
“Grandpa you know?”Mrob World。
He found herself said。
The Raw World is very grievable。Now the young ownership of Yucheng,Who didn’t bet this game?。Because it is not familiar with both parties,Gamble is enough to stimulate!
The rhythm is the long band!How can he compare a group of monk,nonexistent。
See the long band equalize the score,He is happy.。
The roller’s gold looks at the following explanation,Sputum flying Gao Boyi,I also saw this somewhat weak grandson.,There is orange pepper in the heart, I don’t know when pulping is slurry.。
This mix,How to fight with Gao Bo Yi’s boy?,He feels no win!
Depressed and complicated mood,The Rolley of Raw is read this game.,Long band is five to two big win。Awards are not looking for north,Estimate a lot of money。
“This Gao Baoyi,It should be the biggest winner of this game.。”
The lawn of the lawn goes in the direction of Gao Bao.,Muttering。
Floating,American chicken hair。
Gao Yongzhi is full of departure,He is very satisfied with Gao Bao City today.,And I am looking forward to that.。
The staff inside and outside the course are all staff of garbage。
Solo Yongyang sits on the ground,Some of the gods look at the white clouds in the sky。
Today, he is the only one in the field.,That is, the so-called referee。
“What feeling,maybe,This is your profession.。”Gao Bo Yi gives him a pottery,Inside the diluted sake。
“until today,I feel like I am living like a person.。”Solitary Rone muttered。
“I feel that I use it.?”
“Don’t be so good,Your good day has just begun。”Gao Baoyi stretched out the solo to the ground。
NS105chapter What is the operation of pushing a daughter into a tiger?
“Today, you gambled.?”
“Don’t mention,Who knows the monk of those who are full of intestines?。”
“I know that I also bet.,It’s enjoyable than the game,But it is not good.”
A blade is from Gao Biyi,Two young men came in the middle of the curtain.,Sure enough, still!
This is already today Gao Biyi, I don’t know how many times I heard similar.。
“You are also very colorful today.,Very accurate。”Gao Bao said over the Soli Luo。
Touch the head of the other party,But did not refute。
Today he does performance is good.,Remember all the rules,No misfortune。Those players who want to refute,In his plain and sharp meticulous words,Falling down。
Can only be said。

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