With the disappearance of the earth,A huge bone emerge。

The invisible pressure is forced to retreat and retain it very far away.,She didn’t find it at this time.,A further step,She will fall into the abyss。
Because she is all on the huge bones that have emerged in the air,That is not a monase,But the skeleton of jade gloss。
Intercept,She can’t find another word to describe。
The world is vibrating a wonderful mesentery,Deep and exquisite。Spices from all sides of all sides with skeleton,Condensing under the influence of mesentery。
Real flesh and blood begins to form,Meridians,Qi and blood operation,Zhao Dajiang Da River,Roar,Shocking Gu Qingying blood boiling。
This is an unimaginable shock。
She is deeply understood by the authenticity of Xuanmen,A perfect body is born in front of her eyes。Not born in the primary parent,Instead,。
One of the newly formed roads,Taoism,Expand。
This process is slightly long。
finally,There are thirty-six caves in foot,All-through,Number of zigong。
Gu Qing shadow knowing what this means。
Generally,Have nine,But in the orthodox Xuanmen practitioner,Human body body has thirty-sixth,Month year,Outstanding,Internal refining,Can be chisel twenty,Can cast a first-class road base,Can be chisel 30,It is always a monk for a monk.,As for the full number through the 36th,Just smell,Unworthy。
Such person,One but enter,Do not say that it is a chartering,But short decades,Aunt,Such as the probe。
certainly,This is not normal personal body,But take the soil essence,Numerous fine pure blood gas。
The spirit of the congenital god,After the thirty-six points are completely opened,Fall down,Improvement。
The skin of the jade is covered with flesh,Pouting upright。Auto eyebrow,Have a golden blood mark,It seems that there is an eye closed。
now,Tall body is thoroughly formed。
Gu Qingying looked at the body,Even unclear it is a person,is God,Be a demon,Or magic。It has a muscle line that can engrave,Coordinating the long limbs,But the five senses make people look at the past,Can only leave a blurry memory,I don’t know if it is beautiful or ugly。
As for the high body of the far super ordinary human,Indifferent eyes,Pulling a kind of gas proficiency。
But she always feels that this is still missing.。
I will know soon.,That is vitality。
The body is like artificial perfect carving,Although shocking,But there is no impervivation,For example, the secular name will have the same point of the painting.。
at this time,The huge shadow is beginning to enter the body。
A fresh vitality begins to come to the body,Self-driving bones out of the sound,That is the bone marrow in the shock,Fresh blood。
but,The like of the spider is the http://www.eiviy.cn perfect body that does not bear to take pictures in front of her eyes.,As a stone carvings, scarlet cracks。
The skin from the shadow is as long as the skin,An ominous dead breath。
See this scene that makes people feel embarrassed,Like just a dream,Sudden scene,In the nightmare of the blood sea of the corpse。
Gu Qingying was scared to go back.,Then step on the empty。
She slipped into the abyss。
The surrounding is a bliss black,She only feels that her body will slip.,And the speed is getting faster,And this fall,I don’t know my end.。
During the high speed fall,Her flesh can not bear,Start crash。
She is going to be dumping,Suddenly sounded in the ear。
A group of cloudy and rotted breath wrapped her,Sound like a viscous liquid,She obviously feels that the power of the fell is completely absorbed by this http://www.tuolianwang.cn group of liquids.,And her body is constantly rising。
胧 微光 出,She saw the cliff。
She found it at this time.,She is sitting in a faint dark water。
Black water is like a spirituality,Let her put her down to the edge of the cliff,It seems that the servant is bent from the long red-filled monsters.。
There must be a demon abnormally。

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