Half an hour later。

The group is self-drilling into the woven,It is naturally in the inside.,Then the head drilled out from the Zhouzhi neck,hairy:“Depth,The group is going to listen to the story”
“The big monster will not listen to the story before going to bed.。”Zhouzhi is more sleepy,Sometise of tone。
“There is no big monster to listen to the story will be http://www.zt-xc.cn asleep.。”
“Kitten wants to listen!”The group is changing,Then look at him repeated,“The group is going to listen to the story。”
“Then I will tell you a woodpecker’s story.?”
“What is bamboo bird?”
“woodpecker。”Zhouzhi correction,“Is a very long bird,Previous book,They are doctors in the forest。If the tree is sick,Push,They will use their long mouth to open the tree,Catch the insect。”
“woodpecker”Repeated group。
“After finishing the group, you will sleep well.?”
“Meow 喵”
喵 喵 meaning?
Zhou Yao,Began to perfine:“One day,A woodpecker is awkward on the tree.,Da da da,Say,Why do you drink?,I have no disease”
Just finished this sentence, he hore.,Two seconds,go on:“Then a wooden bird,No disease, go two steps。”
The group is staring at him with his eyes.。
“Finish,Good night。”
“Meow meow meow?”
“Sleeping a big group。”Zhouzhi sound is getting smaller and smaller,“The gifpearance http://www.52ipeal.cn of the group has to change the habit of parkour evening,Develop a good habit of getting up early。”
“Why get up early??”
“I can do a lot because I get up early.”
“whats the matter?”
“Such as sleeping back”
This idiots have been energetic,It seems to become 100,000 why,Always full of curiosity for anything,Always have problems with you can’t finish。It will be patient with usually,He is also very happy to help the group know this world.,However, the life of the group seems to be opposite to him.,When she is energetic,It is when he is sleeping。
Next day。
Zhou Zhi or a new boy,It’s just that the people who add the community today are significantly less.,It is a lot of duty personnel in the new tents in all major community.,It has become a bit perfunctory。
But this morning has a will join the http://www.cunqh.cn probability agency’s freshman is more than yesterday.
Have brushing to the brother video;
Have a fascination;
I have recognized that they are hot pot video leads in the last school.;
Unfortunately, the review standard of Nan Ge is as harsh.,Plus the proliferative entry fee is much higher than other social,Most people have been sieved.,Just recruit two people, they don’t necessarily participate in the community activities.。

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