Helping Wente Oss’s head。

Air burst,传 劈 啪 响 响 响,The power of a pound is now in an instant。
The bald man is like steel casting.,The whole person is full of magic。
this moment,The air seems to break with his caste.。
Ability to take so many master,His strength is naturally unquestionless。
From a certain aspect,Even the first line of summer。
If it is described in the realm of the Chinese people in China,In fact,The strength of the head itself,Already reached the realm of returning。
That is the state of the third kind of mystery。
Look at the mountain or the mountain,Watching water or water。
And the summer, although I also touched this threshold,But not really stepped into。
Winter Osche,The pupil shrinks the needle。
This punch,Seem simple,In fact, it seals all the retreat.。
World,Simulation is like this presence。 Winter Oscience,At the same time, he did not hesitate to show out the abilities.,I want to imprison the bald man。
Gray lines appear,The bald man appeared in a swollen fog,And quickly condense into a transparent diaphragm。
The light head is really bound,But the next moment,He suddenly screamed,Whole body shake,Behind the backbone is like a big dragon。
This moment is a magical frenzy and wild wild.。
Transparent diaphragm that has been shaped,It was even broken by him.。
And Winte Os, although avoiding this punch,But it was anti-altered,Bump,Spit out a big blood。
It’s not a common man in it.,Since you can’t imprison each other,Can only be stretched with both hands,A cyan light block is in front of the body。
“Space is really good,But only this。”
The bald head is in the legs,Cold drink,“Give me break!”
“boom”“Click”The cyan light is broken by one leg,And put a huge force,On also bombarded on the arms of Whakes cross-resist,Directly shocked。
Not saying that he is not strong enough。
So fast,Be both accidentally,It is also inevitable。
He is connected to the summer,It was cargaled twice in a row,Psychotropic and heart god loss is extremely powerful。
Otherwise,Whether it is not so slow to condense the space。
His whole person flew,I hit it on the wall behind it.。
The whole wall is a dramatic jitter,A human formal pit。

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