But the crocodile king did not run away,But standing in the void,A vicious look flashed in his eyes。

“what have I done?”Nine Spirit Yuansheng strange laughed:“I didn’t say it earlier,This crocodile dared to commit that heinous sin,I http://www.vodafone-csc.cn have to catch him back。”
Lu Dongbin、Wang Lingguan and others are all blue。
They want to capture the crocodile king,Of course the Nine Spirit Yuansheng also wants。
If both sides run into the crocodile devil at the same time,It’s normal to fight each other and show their magical powers。
But logically,They are almost ready,Under such circumstances,This behavior can be very ruthless。
of course,If Dao Tong puts the crocodile devil into the small world of the universe,The Nine Spirit Yuansheng takes another interception,The hostile level is even higher。
Now like this,It can only be said that the Nine Spirits Yuansheng can barely be regarded as relying on their own ability,There is some truth to it。
Five forces on the field,There are three gods and eight true immortals in the world of Bacchus,The most unlucky,They are not the opponent of the http://www.wchats.cn Crocodile King。
Three Buddhas,They are weaker,But you can get out anytime。
The crocodile devil and the six gods in his belly,Is the arrested party,But it’s not without resistance。
Lu Dongbin、Li Ming’s side,And the side of the Nine Spirits Yuansheng,Is the real competition。
Have to say the difference,Whether it is the Eight Immortals of Shangdong、Wang Lingguan、Li Ming and http://www.96cyw.cn even Qingfeng Daotong,In itself, it is considered to hate the evil demon behavior of the crocodile king,Murderous。
But the Nine Spirits Yuansheng is not a kind person,He only cares about being able to capture the crocodile king and get the treasure from Daozu。
The two strongest parties have the same purpose,But they also compete with each other。
Crocodile Devil Fish in Troubled Waters,Hope to escape。
He is not without hope,Once the fighting breaks out,May not care about him。
And the situation will become more and more complicated,because,The strong may be killed at any time。
Three breaths of silence。

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