“I do not believe,You must feel that Xiao Qian is beautiful.,So take the opportunity to make an essay。”

Liao Wenjie shook his head,last night,Ning Cai Chen learned Xiaoqian’s tragic encounter,Sympathetic,Looking for him to discuss the grave and throw the matte。
Ning Caichen’s ideas and his plans,I have a scene of the grave under the big sun today.。
Grave is located,Information source is Xiao Qian and Xiaoqing,The girl in the flower floor basically knows that his own askyth is buried.,They are unreasonable,Can’t take away the bones under the eyes of the eyes,Can only make a hand of outsiders。
by the way,Yan Chi, who is standing next to the giant tree,This is an ancient tree with a year.。
Big tree shadow mottled? Rich in fascinating,Ten people have more than ten people? Branches are dropped? New root? Hidden trend of tree into forest。
This ancient tree is the body of the,The reason http://www.scgcsl.cn why Yan Chi-Qi is coming……According to him,Is for,Look at the tree demon neighbors。
Listen this,Taking into account his age and death? Liao Wenjie did not dismantle。
“Cui brother? The beauty of the gentleman,Uncommon? I am helping her.,Not another purpose,You don’t say it.。”
“real or fake? Last night, Xiaoqian cried and screamed.? You have not taken the opportunity to touch people’s hands?”
“how is this possible? I am a reading person.,Not a debut,how come……”
Ning Caichen’s face? Breathe:“Cui brother,Have a break this,Otherwise, the two rides,No one knows who。”
“Click one’s tongue,The old brother is so good? Wear!”
Brother,You are too big,Sending the white,Even if you don’t,Touching the little hand is also good,Many movement,That’s tired!
Liao Wenjie wants to,I heard the small voice of Ning http://www.yiding2008.cn Caichen.BB:“and,Xiao Qian girl will go to Cui brother every night.,She should have some minds of you,I am a brother,How……right,Do people can’t be。”
“Ah this year……”
Liao Wenjie sweat,Huge disparity in character,Let him deeply feel well,Shaft:“Brother,You misunderstood,I am very simple and Xiao Qian.,Is not the relationship between the lead。She seduce me,I am myself,Swear,Several times,She is very touched,There is a piano every night without collecting money.。”
Ning Caichen mouth pumping,A good story,Say from Liao Wenjie mouth,It’s really rough and vulgar。
I want to understand it.,Why Liao Wenjie has lack of fame,Because this person seems to be S.,It is a crude person.!
Besides,Although he also knows,What is not a business?,But the situation is not wish,Essentially a good good ghost,Not so unbearable in http://www.bjztba.cn Liao Wenjie。
In short sentence,Readers’ common disease,Don’t feel the young woman,But the head is a little sad reminder,You can poke their,And always happy。
Wolf,The small pit is one after another。
Take a break,抡 抡 头 头 半 半,Ning Caichen can’t hold it.,The foot of the foot is soft to the ground.,In addition to gasping,No more action。
“Ning old brother,Just your board,For the brother, send you a family harmony.,Wedding backyard wall,And leave behind the door。”
Liao Wenjie shook his head,Five points stickers on the ground,Big red line drilled from cuffs,A brain into the mud。
After a moment,His eyebrows,Soil floor roll,Extra four or fifty black bone gray。
“how,How so much,in the end……Which one is Xiao Qian and Xiaoqing’s ashes?”Ning Caichen lying on the ground,歪 头 surprise。
“Not reason,Save people,One is saving,One hundred is also saved。”Liao Wenjie waved,Red line,Bundle a bone gray。
Finish,He struggled to Yan Chung Qixia:“Yan Hexia,I have dug in the ashes.,How to demon trees?”
“look by youself。”
Yan Chi-Qiao said simple,Sui long sword,Dragonfly stabbed。

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