Xinhua Insurance Guangxi Branch launched Xinhua Running and National Insurance Publicity Day

The event site. Xinhua Insurance Guangxi Branch is for map to actively respond to the national "healthy China 2030" call, propaganda insurance concept, and further develop a large national fitness activity created by the great enthusiasm, July 8, Xinhua Insurance Guangxi Branch in Nanning Xiushan launched Xinhua Running and the National Insurance Public Propaganda Day event.

During the event, more than 600 internal and external employees and customers run together, share healthy and happy life, and carry out the number of movements to public welfare donations, pass love and warmth.

Xinhua runs up, you have more exciting.

The event is one of the new national insurance public propaganda days in the form of Xinhua Insurance. It is also an important part of the 20th Customer Service Festival (Guangxi Station), so that more customers participate in activities, relax, enjoy Nature, running happiness, running out health.

Zhang Zhong, general manager of Xinhua Insurance Nanning Medium Boss, said that the concept of healthy sports has been advocated by Xinhua Insurance.

Xinhua runs up and the national insurance publicity day activities are Xinhua Insurance to practice corporate citizenship, adhere to the specific embodiment of customer-centric business philosophy, also popularize insurance knowledge, enhance Xinhua Insurance service quality, and shaping a good opportunity for corporate cultural brands.

It is reported that this year Xinhua Insurance has launched "Xinhua Run" activity in 35 cities across the country. For those who love health, the customers who love life have built a living service platform, which is designed to pass "running" "walk", etc. Fitness mode, call for more young people, workers from all walks of life stand, leave electronic products, move up, run, share the joy of sports, share healthy life. (农文 楚) (Editor: Wang Yong, Li Minjun).

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