[Lesson] theory Mu Huai Huang phase: a new era of international co-proud as you and I

  [Lesson] international theme of a new era as proud of you and I together with [Speakers] Huang Huai, Ph.D. in Political Science, National Secretary-General of the Central Party School Academic Committee of high-end think-tank. Long-term focus on party building, research and interpretation of China’s political work, has published numerous research results.

  [Text Record] (a) China is proud of you and I together than ever before and is the world’s attention Conference, foreign dignitaries and political parties have sent a letter to all walks of life, as of October 30, 2017, a total of 165 countries, 454 major parties sent a congratulatory message to more than 1340 copies (letter). The international community congratulated nineteen great three salient features: First, the parties motivated.

His message Congress (letter) an increase of nearly 80%. Many political parties, organizations and individuals to two weeks in advance sent a congratulatory letter caused Conference, reflecting the high degree of concern and attention of the international community. Second, a wide representation. In addition to the party dignitaries, many international organizations and foreign non-governmental organizations and think tanks have also important congratulate reflects our party’s international influence and appeal have been deep into all levels in all areas of the international community.

Third, the quality and quantity of significant improvement.

Most of his message (letter) I have repeatedly mentioned the domestic and foreign policies and the concept of governing the country and praised its global significance, reflecting the political party I lead the international community is increasingly deepened. Communist Party of China held the Nineteenth National People’s Congress, the party not only in itself, but on China, but on the world also have a strong influence.

With the international influence of our party and the country continues to rise, not only to China as never before approached the center of the world stage, the Communist Party of China is also the world’s center stage as never before approached, the international society’s view of China and the Communist Party of China is changing turning point : the international community not only in the economy, the development of "look east", and start on the road, the concept of "look east." From the "integration into the world" to "lead the world" socialism with Chinese characteristics after 40 years of hard work. The initial task of socialism with Chinese characteristics and development stages of the period, mainly seize and strategic opportunities for China to bring good in the world, with emphasis on problem-solving into the world.

Under prevailing conditions, China’s foreign relations, only by opening up the country into the Western-dominated international system, and borrowing experience of other countries in terms of technology, capital and management, and to achieve capital accumulation and strength through comparative advantage the accumulation. China is the trend of globalization, rather than those who follow the leader, is an international development experience of the learner rather than those who teach, is the international voice of the listener rather than sound, was the international game rather than the weaker party stronger side. China’s international strategy and international, as can only be keeping a low profile, something, seize and make good era theme of peace and development of strategic opportunities brought about.

China’s international influence can only work within a limited range of international voice disposal is not much. For a long period of time, China is an important participant in the international community, but not the protagonist.

(B) our common pride international standing and influence of China’s growing long-term efforts especially since the eighteen major efforts, China’s international status as an international and international voice has been a huge improvement. Implementation of Change "along the way" initiative, launched founded the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the establishment of Silk Road Fund, held the first "all the way along the" International Cooperation Forum, APEC informal leadership meeting, a series of major diplomatic move shows China has become a passionate advocate of globalization leader, change the system of global governance is important enabler community of human destiny.

China’s open economy new system is gradually improved, foreign trade, foreign investment, foreign exchange reserves to rantern in the world, more than 30% of the world economy.

China has become a great increase in the protagonist, international influence, appeal, and plasticity of global attention, and has a new significant contribution to world peace and development. The ability and conditions have contributed to the world to contribute Chinese wisdom and Chinese programs, and it is a significant feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era.

As the most active participants in economic globalization, China has significantly improved in the international economic organization: In December 2015, China became the shareholders of Europe’s revival development bank; January 2016, China in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) The share is rose by% to%, ranking from the sixth place to the third; December 2016, the RMB joined the international reserve asset (SDR) currency basket, which became an international reserve currency approved by IMF and "Free use of currency" club members, was officially used and reserved by more than 180 Member States.

Today, in the reverse globalization, China has also become the most powerful promoter of economic globalization: September 2016 "Hangzhou G20 Summit" has formed "20th National Group Global Trade Growth Strategy", "Two The Global Investment Guidance Principles of the Tenth Country Group and the "New Industrial Revolutionary Action Plan of the 20th Country"; 57 founded Member States established by China Initiative, official member states reached 77 (as of May 13, 2017) The United States exits the "Paris Agreement" leads to its international reputation and leadership, and China is still firmly fulfilled with the solemn commitment to address climate change.

Since China put forward and actively promoted the "Belt All the Road" "Everyone Working in Sunshine Avenue", it has covered more than 40 million people in more than 60 countries and the total economic volume account for approximately 30% of the world.

The construction of "a belt all the way" not only opened the new pattern of China’s opening up, but also pulled the world economy from east to west. It can be said that the construction of "a belt all the way" has found the new mainland since Columbus, especially since the Western capitalist industrial civilization has driven the new pattern of the world’s economic development since the global expansion, and its significance is, which is far-reaching. (3) You and I have proud of China to contribute to the world, China’s wisdom and Chinese program today’s world chaos, "US priority", UK Deuts Europe, the United States and Europe’s new contradictions, indicating that the West is exacerbating splitting and tearing At the time of the crisis, "the snowfall is in front of the door", "Dachang is full of flying".

In addition, the Syrian crisis, the nuclear issue, and terrorism, etc., mixed the world, not peaceful. What happened to the world? what should we do? China put forward a grand vision to build a community of human fate.

Comrade Xi Jinping puts forward that a total of human fate communies, countries must respect each other, to accommodate each other, but also comply with the common values ??of all human beings, and all the best, learn from each other, and win each other. These ideas have been unanimously endorsed by the heads of state, including international organizations, including the "Building Human Destinum" into various resolutions, fully reflecting this grand idea and beautiful vision has received the general agreement of the international community. It also shows China’s important contribution to global governance and human social development. China’s rapid development is a gospel or disaster? China’s answer is: "The Chinese dream is peace, development, cooperation, win-win dream, we pursue the well-being of the Chinese people, and the common well-being of all countries.

"To achieve a Chinese dream, it will enable the living standards of people who account for 1/5 of the world. It will also benefit from the people of all countries in the world. The big country development model of the center promotes a great revival of ancient civilization that is not inherent conflict, but advocates "and and different", opening up a new stage of the development of all labor people, but for all labor people’s benefits.

What can the world learn from China? Providing Chinese experience for various human civilization exploration development roads, adding China’s driving force to the development of human society, contributing to China Program to enrich the development of human social development, and socialism with Chinese characteristics demonstrates the development path that is completely different from Western settings. Show Chinese wisdom.

The Communist Party of China relies on the people, summarizes and absorbed ancient China, other socialist countries, other developing China’s national and developed countries to governing the country, and forming a full set of people’s affairing experience, forming Chinese wisdom.

These wisdom include: First, independence. Regardless of how the external world and public opinion changes, the Communist Party of China has always adhered to independently handling and solving domestic international affairs, never attached to any external forces, thinking about their own problems with their own minds. Second, seeking truth from facts. What is the problem in China, add any problems; what is the problem, just solve any problems; how questions need to be solved, and continue to explore regular understandings from discovery and solve problems. The third is open tolerance.

Since the beginning of the reform and opening up, it has always been an open mind and an inclusive mentality to look at the new things and external world. It is good for refining, sublimation, promotion, and useful, use it for me, I will be suspicious, and I don’t have to step from it. The fourth is to reflect prudience.

For future development vision, adopt a unwavering attitude, but for the way you have passed, adopt a deep reflection of reflection, for other countries’ lessons, take a thoughtful attitude, look at the side, while thinking.

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