Vivid to show the spiritual and artistic pursuit of older generation artists

  The picture shows the movie "actor" poster.

  The information picture is incorporated in the "New China 22nd Movie Star", focusing on Blue, Tianhua, Yu Yang, Jin Di, Xie Fang, Wang Xiaoyu, Zhu Xijuan, Qinyi and Niufang and other movie actors "actors" recently Release. This record movie, which is sold by the movie channel program center, Pan Yulin, is based on its unique dialogue. It is a feeling of life and life. Realistic care movie history movie. The historical value of "actors" is unquestionable. In the 1960s, after the selection, the 22 actors, including Zhao Dan, Bai Yang, Zhang Ruifang, including Zhao Dan, Bai Yang, Zhang Ruifang, including Zhao Dan, Bai Yang, Zhang Ruifang. It was named "New Chinese People’s Actors", and the audience called "Twenty-two Movie Stars."

More than half a century has passed, "actor" per year of each year’s performance artist, the film fragment of each specific era in the picture, producing new narrative and emotional tension through the meaningful clips, Become a historical literature, it is worth careful, and repeatedly refused. "Actors" are centered on actors, carefully built a director and actor, actor, actor, actor and movies, movies and audiences, and history and reality, reality and future interactive symbiosis, vivid and reproduce old one The spiritual world and artistic pursuit of the versatile artist also explored the propositions that played, how to perform. He has participated in the first story film "Bridge" in New China, said: "I hope that our current movies are good, TV is also good, or you want to look at life.

"Zhu Xi Juan recalls the first lesson of his own learning performance, is" actor’s morality. "

Yang Deyu’s players in the movie "Shangriling" Zhang Liang and others recalled that in 1956, the film is created to go to Shanggunling. When I saw the war of war, "there is no complete rock, there is no green tree", imagine that Huang Jiguang and comrades How do they fight hard, they are deeply shocked, understand to play with heart, rather than using technology.

Wang Xiaoyu insisted on talking with an artistic image, putting the biggest feelings on the role, reserved the biggest cool, "there is no end, only good and better, no best," said words.

  Although the film is moving in the lens, the picture combination is more perfect, but in general, it changes the common narrative perspective of such aims, so that the audience infiltrates in an actor. In the audio and video world and emotional atmosphere built in temperament and director personal experience, a record of a record movie should be completed, showing strong care for reality.

  (The authors are deputy dean, professor of Peking University School of Art, and sharing more people see the recommended reading.

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