Welcome to Lhasa Sauce Festival on August 8 this year

  Deji is looking through the "Tibet Astronomical Meteorological Book". Time is like a white gap, the blink of an eye, Lhasa is already a summer look.

Eat yogurt, see Tibetan drama, over Lin Card … Lhasa citizens will soon usher in this season’s most popular festival-Shedton Festival.

So, when is the Lhasa Snowton Festival this year? With the question of the general public, the reporter went into the Astronomical Research Institute of the Autonomous Region Hospital, listening to the specific time of the delegation of the study.

   Yin and Yam Equation Characteristics of Snowton Tibetan Tibetan Timetage Time Fixed "From" 2021 Tibet Astronomical Meteorological Card ", this year, the time of Lhasa Shedton is August 8th.

"Deji introduced, Shedton Festival is June 30, the annual Tibetan calendar, which is fixed. However, due to occasional" heavy shortest "and" 月 "in the Tibetan calendar, it is slightly slightly omnipotent. Different, such as the Cums of Lhasa Snowton last year is August 19th, more than this year. Deji introduction, there are three types of calendars in the world, including the tank, lunar calendar and yin and yang or yin and yang. One week is one year, the number of months and the number of days in the year is basically fixed; the lunar calendar is a month of the month, but the annual cycle is not affected by the year; the yin and yang or the average Turn around the Earth for a week, but by setting the leap month, the average number of days in one year is equal to the sun to the sun around the sun, and the Tibetan calendar is one of the yin and yang. "So, Every year, the Cumton Festival corresponds to the campaign, but the Tibetan calendar is fixed.

With the "Tibet Astronomical Meteorological Book" of the year, you can clarify the Cumula Time of the Snowdon Festival. "Deji said. This summer, in the summer, the high-temperature rain Tibetan calendar pays attention to the natural disaster in the mountainous area, and the Tibetan calendar has a special plateau area. Therefore, there are also some special places to adapt to local climate characteristics. It does not use simple years. Flat-based method, but in order to calculate according to "Ding Day" (ie, the location of the sun), the data is organically combined with the variation of various types of birds and beasts in various places to determine the throttle and division.

  Therefore, although the Tibetan calendar has also been divided into spring, summer, autumn, winter, but at the same time, it has formed six seasons according to the unique climate characteristics of the region, namely: spring, back spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

From the overall observation, the whole Tibet is the longest winter, spring, autumn, summer shortest; some high-precipitation areas, even in summer, spring, autumn, two seasons are basically connected. Deji pointed to the "Spring Bull Map" in Tibet Astronomical Meteorological Card, this summer, our district showed a high temperature and rainy trend; while the autumn ushered in harvest, the rain was abundant. It can be seen from the "Month" in the middle of the collections that the Tibetan calendar is more abundant in the end of May.

The upcoming Tibetan calendar June, thunder, the broad masses should pay attention to natural disasters such as mudslides in some mountains. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

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