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[Abstract] In the "Xi’an Q & A Heating Special" event held on November 15th, the heating problem reflected in the various ways of public and netizens, the enthusiasm for participating in the event is resolved.

  In the Chinese business, the Chinese business, the "Xi’an Q & A Heating Special" event held on November 15, and the enthusiasm of the public and netizens reflected in the on-site enthusiasm of the event expressed their entry.Azer: It has not heated Western Union for the 15th: immediately formulates the plan to solve China Business Daily 24-hour news hotline 029-8888000 hotline connected to multiple citizens Reflections: Xi’an Yuxiangmen outside the blue collar residential area to November 15Without heating, residents are very cold at home.Mr. Wang, the host, one of the owners, the other party, said that the community is the first year of the enthusiasm this year, the azure and next the blue printed area of the next door is the same pipe network, there is no heating.

Let everyone be more angry, it is not possible to warm the company to publicize the cause of the community, explain to the residents, but until now, everyone does not know the reason that cannot be tested. Zhang Rui, director of the Xi’an Western Polygency Support Company, said to the cell heating, returning water, etc. The formulation will be set up as soon as possible.

  At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Westlands hot staff replied that the cell heating flow increased from previous cubic meters / hour, the flow and temperature were gradually recovered. Zhonghai Qujiang Dacheng: Pre-confessation has not been hot enough to pass Qijiang Shengyuan enthusiasm: Is it a short-term occupancy rate, a 24-hour news hotline 029-8888000 hotline, Ms. Chen reported: No. 8, Jun Shangfu, Zhonghai Qijiang Building, No. 11, pre-convolutive, now there is no heat, I have been very ice, I can only open air conditioning at home, and I have to open the air conditioner owner.

  Xi’an Qujiang New District Shengyuan Heat Co., Ltd. Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister of Customer Service: Zhonghai Qujiang Dacheng Phase III, Jun Shangfu is the first heating this year, the occupancy rate is very low. Users who need to be heated have reported only 30%, and the hot households reached more than 60% according to the centralized heating regulations, and the special circumstances of the heat company specially treated in advance. In general, the occupancy rate is too low, and the number of households do not have to be more hot, and the temperature will be slower at home.

  Ms. Chen, the host, lady, said that she said that the occupancy rate of the community is not low, and the four neighbors of their four neighbors have been held downstairs, and the Formula is said that according to the owner feedback will send people to the focus as soon as possible, and solve the problem on the spot.

  Xi Hu Yi: Home temperature is only 14 ° C Qinhua Hot: Community has some Loft Apartments. Heating by Qin Hua’s thermal company, heating temperature does not meet the standard, room temperature is only 14 ° C.

  Deputy General Manager Qinhua Heat Group Co., Ltd.: Xijudu Community belongs to their heated cells, the community is distributed centralized heating, and there is a supply of heat gas boiler in the community.

After the official heating on the 10th, the cell has been up to the standard heating.

  The square garden is connected to the owner of the heating. It is understood that the residential building in the community is in the community. The overall temperature of the apartment building will not have a high temperature in the normal layer, and the internal adjustment is required, and the staff will go to the community as soon as possible.

  Sunshine City Liz Mansion: Community Heating has not reached the standard song Jiang Shengyuan enthusiasm: will go to the door as soon as possible to investigate the 24-hour news hotline 029-8888000 hotline, China Business News Weibo WeChat and Chinese business network, two-three miles have a public reflection: Sunshine The Chengliz Mansion Community is not hot, and some residents say that the heating of the three consecutive years will not meet the standard. Xi’an Qujiang New District Shengyuan Heat Co. The Sunshine City Lizard is a relatively special, and the heat area of ??this year is less than 60%. For the problems of the owners, will look at the property docking. If the heat company is normal, it is the chance of problems in the secondary pipe network, and they will be investigated according to the site situation and reply. The host is connected to one of the owners. The other party said that the residential area is not good in recent years, and the water is low.

Baqing Tiger also said that the cell heating cannot only see the water temperature, and the temperature of the network heat exchange station is mainly related to the heat exchange unit of the heat exchange station. The only standard for heating is the house temperature in the household. 18 ° C.

Articles 4, 11, 13, 23, etc. in Xi’an City, etc., are all required for energy conservation and emission reduction. For the heat transfer company heating, it will also be carried out according to the weather and room temperature. Water temperature regulation. Country Garden Phoenix City Tianzhen: The community has not heated Qinhua hotspot: the community is seriously blocked, and it is tightening a number of citizens and netizens reflection: Northern Avenue Country Garden Tianzhu Community is not heating, belonging to Qin Hua’s heat, the owner is very cold. Qinhua Hot Square Garden: Qinhua enthusiastically responsible for the heating of Country Garden Phoenix City Community, part of the residential block has been heated, Tianzhu Community is the first heating this year, and then found that the secondary pipeline of the community is very serious. Recently, overtime is dotted, and there is still a small part of the unclean, and it will speed up the progress. Taoyao Square South District: High-region heating has no low area Western Union heat: will conduct internal regulation of Fenghe Road, Taoyao Square, South District High-region owners reflect: the cool air is not met, the small area is relatively good, Western Union maintenance Personnel say that there is no problem in the pipeline, it should be that Western Union’s hot water is not enough, only 32 degrees. Western Union Temperature Zhang Rui: From the heat transfer, the water temperature is normal, or the problem of the secondary pipe network will send people to the door to adjust the heating of the secondary network to ensure heating balance.

  Hua Shangxin reporter Li Wei Li Lin Source: Hua – China Business News.

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