Salary margin is not less than one percent of the construction contract

Beijing November 3 (Reporter Li Xinping) Recently, the "Migrant Workers Margin Margin Margin" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") was officially implemented, and it became an important leaflet security measures to solve the problem of constructing.

According to reports, the wage margin is a special fund for the establishment of an account in the construction of the construction of the project and stored in a proportion of migrant workers who have provided labor in the contracting project to provide labor.

In 2016, the construction area has been fully implemented, and the system has been established and implemented, and the effect is achieved.

However, due to the uniform provisions of the national level, there are differences in account opening and storage subject, proportion, proportion, proportion, and form, etc., which makes it difficult for companies in practice, and some are also equipped with classes, increase fund pressure.

Establishing a margin system, it is necessary to maintain the basic interests of migrant workers, but also to reduce the burden of enterprises, reduce the liquidity of occupied enterprises, but also to strengthen the management system to form a national unified norm. How does the construction general contractor store salary margin? In the past, some places requested capital storage ratios to 5%, even higher.

The "provisions" is unified to require this ratio of no less than 1%, no more than 3%. For some places to require construction units, construction general contracting units, subcontracting units, and labor sub-bilenes to store wage margins, the "provisions" clear, salary margin storage main body is the general contracting unit, and other main body do not need to be stored . How to use salary margin once salary According to the "provisions", when the payment occurs, the human society shall order administrative depends on customization or first-line payment according to law.

If the construction general contractor refuses to perform, the local community department can issue a "Notice of Migrant Workers Wage Guarantee Payment Notice", which is paid directly from the payment of the payment account from the salary.

According to reports, after using the wage margin, the construction general contracting unit needs to make up the wage margin.

If it is not stored in accordance with the "specified" storage, the competent department of the wage guarantee is made by the human society, the relevant industry engineering construction authorities shall be corrected within a time limit for the responsibility; if the operation is not corrected, it is ordered to stop the project, and it shall be imposed; Understanding new projects, reducing qualification level, revoke qualification certificates, etc. "People’s Daily" (14th edition, November 4, 202) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun) Share more people to see.

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