Wang Qishan attended the opening ceremony of the Innovative Economic Forum in the 2021, published a chair

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 17th, Vice President Wang Qishan, attended the opening ceremony of the Innovative Economic Forum in the 2021 Innovative Economic Forum on the 17th. Wang Qishan pointed out that at present, the international situation is deeply evolved, and the epidemic in the century is still spread.

In the face of the change, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have worked in the domestic and international internationalities, co-ordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and the development momentum of all aspects is good. Practice in international cultural affair cooperation, showing the war, fighting new crown pneumonia The epidemic makes a significant contribution. China is inseparable from the world, and the world is also inseparable from China.

China deepens the reform, and the determination to expand and open will not move. China will continue to open your double arms, provide more opportunities for the world, in order to promote the construction of an open-class world economy, and construct a contribution of human fate community.

  Wang Qishan emphasized that in the current world’s complex situation and economic recovery of the economic recovery, we must work together to fight new coronal pneumonia, fairly and reasonable allocation of vaccines worldwide, and resolutely oppose politicalization of vaccine and viral problems, and jointly promote the construction of humans. Health Community; to join hands in building an open world economy, promote trade and investment liberalization, do not engage in discriminatory, exclusive rules and systems, cracking on development imbalance, driving economic globalization is more open, inclusive , Pu Hua, Balance, Win-Win Direction; To work in promoting green transformation and innovation development, implementing the results of the "Paris Agreement" and "Biodiversity Convention" meeting, vigorously promotes the economy, Energy, industrial, consumer structure transformation and upgrading, accelerate scientific and technological achievements to reality to reality; to improve global governance system, adhere to true multilateralism, support multilateral trade system inclusive development, promote the governance of the International Monetary Fund, create open, fair , Fair digital development environment.

  The Innovation Economic Forum was founded in 2018. The opening ceremony of the Innovative Economic Forum in 2021 was held in Singapore on the 17th.

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