Taiyuan City High Quality Completed Village (Community) Party Organization

  Original title: Taiyuan City High Quality Completion Village (Community) Party Organization Work, "First Hand Chess" Select "take the leader" On November 1st, Taiyuan City 1260 villages (community) party organizations completed the new one 4846 members of the session, realize the quality of the team, the team structure is excellent, the chains are good, the masses reflect the "double excellent double good" goal. Strengthen the leadership of the party and put the "fixed pan star". The secretary of the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee personally reviewed the replacement program, deploying the secret task, took the lead in Baolian County and regularly investigated progress. Established Village (Community) "Two Committees" re-election election work leading group, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Minister of Organizational Ministers, the whole process of supervision. The county and towns are established by the leading institutions of the Party Secretary, and the village (community) has established a job test and constructs the responsibility system of the four-level secretary.

The city’s village (community) "two committees" re-emergence prior review counties (cities, districts) exchange programs, formulate "one image of the table, two lists", clear key tasks, combat mission, dispatch tasks, supervision tasks, form closed loop Combat system. The supervision team launched the "normalization + consultation" supervision, with the strict supervision and promotion of responsibility, and the work is implemented. I will have a plank, and I will be "chess". At the bottom of the bottom, carry out the "Entry Visit, Selecting the Study", and members of the leaders at all levels are generally visiting the party members and mastered the village’s opinion. In the first, carry out the "three-color research", for "green" stable, "orange" complex, "red" difficulty and other three types of villages (community), strengthen classification guidance. In order to rectify, strengthen "four one" measures, and complete the success of the weakness of the village (community) party organization before the existence. The audit is first, carry out the team membership and departure economic responsibility audit, and clarify the "home" by the village by the village.

Training is in the first, organizational sessage business training and practical training, covering more than 10,000 people. Based on the development of career, select "lead people".

The head geese has a comprehensive improvement, and the number of secretary of the village (community) party organization above the college is%, which is more than a percentage of rewards; under the age of 35, the party organization of the whole-term undergraduate parties accounts for more than one%.

The structure of the team is fully optimized. The members of the party organization have a "positive pyramid", accounting for more than 45 years old, and the more than one percentage is higher; the degree presents "pouring the pyramid", the college points account for 69%, and the more advances are high. A percentage point.

The team function is fully enhanced, from the rich energy, "please" in foreign energy, "sent from the institutions", "from the college graduates", "" Choose "from the local talents, a large number of outstanding party members entered the team. The masses recognize the comprehensive improvement, and the party members’ candidate exceed 90%, and the village (residential) committee will be princely awarded the foundation. Prevent resolution risks and cultivate "good ecology".

Strengthen promotion guidance, "Offline + Line" combined, extensive publicity and exchange policy requirements, and make a household name. Strictly handle qualification conditions, "sieves" by people, and resolutely block people with unqualified joint reviews in "outside". Eliminate contradictory hidden dangers, set up 7 special work instructions, and dispose of all kinds of risk hazards in a timely manner. Seriously choose the style, strengthen discipline education, improve the supervision report platform, and establish a "green channel" to investigate and deal with the "green channel" in violation of discipline, and strict supervision, from the quick investigation, ensure that the wind is clear.

(Dingyuan Zhao Jiqi).

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