Adhere to planning leading to promote urban high quality development

The Exchange of the Corps City High Quality Planning Construction Management Exchange will propose insist on promoting urban high-quality development on November 4. The Corps convened the experience exchange meeting of urban high-quality planning construction management, summarizing the experience of exchange urban planning and construction management, deploying current and future one Time focus on work. Zhang Yong, member of the Party Committee of the Corps, and deputy commander Zhang Yong attended the meeting and speaking. The meeting pointed out that the municipalities and cities of the Corps must in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important instructions of urban planning and construction management, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the high-quality planning construction management work in the new era of the province; to learn from relevant teachers and markets; In the exploration of the valuable experience summed up in practice, the local system has been promoted to the high-level planning of the city, and people-oriented promotion urban high-quality development, with science and technology to lead to strengthen urban refinement management. The meeting requires that we must closely surround the total goals of Xinjiang and the performance of the duties to maintain the responsibilities, seize the precision of the key links, and fully promote the management of high-quality planning construction in the Corps; to give full play to the plan and lead the role, speed up the construction Tube useful land spatial planning system; to overture urban construction work, enhance urban comprehensive carrying capacity; strengthen urban environment comprehensive rectification, improve urban refined management level; to be alertion, be awkward, ensure the city construction field Safety and stable development; to establish and improve the urban investment and financing system mechanism, provide funding for urban planning and construction management; to cultivate a group of cadres who understand the city, management, use scientific attitude, advanced concept, professional knowledge to plan, construction, management city .

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