Cangshan Bohai Sea into the painting (people video)

Wang Bingxiu is painted at home.

Wang Bingxiu painted seems to change. "I have inspiration in patching up the brush, and there is a picture of the painted picture in my mind.

"Bai people’s bits and drops were integrated into painting. Biwa’s rippled, Yunnan Double Looli Ancient Town is quiet and quiet. Inside the people in the white wall, an old man wearing a white costume is in detail describe.

Under the brush, Bai family is picking fruits, rabbits, white cranes.

The painter is Wang Bingxiu, 88 years old this year.

10 years ago, Wang Bingxiu learned oil painting from zero based on the identity of senior enthusiasts.

This breech of Bai people, married to Shuangya, 18 years old, spent halfway here.

On October 2012, Wang Bingxiu sold his own oil painting "Bai Nationality".

Since then, she is known as "foreigner painter". "In the early years, the family is still for the children to go to college, life is not rich.

"In order to earn more money, Wang Bingxiu also did the embroidery, relying on the embroidery shoes, the waist, etc. In a hurry. At the age of 78, Wang Bingxiu met the art workers of the portrait of the gallery.

"Old grandmother, you can follow my learn to paint, earning less embroidery.

"Shen Xianghua saw Wang Bingxiu, expressing interest in the interest.

"I don’t know, the embroidery can be done, and the painting really didn’t think about it." In the encouragement of Shen Xuanhua, Wang Bingxiu began the first painting in life.

"There is a big house, a few small houses, twist, painting is the Bai Nationality.

"She laughed and recalled. The Wang Bingxiu of the painting seems to change.

"I have inspiration in patching up the brush, and there is a picture of the painted picture in my mind.

"Bai people ‘s little bit of drip is integrated into painting.

In less than a year, Wang Bingxiu has a little bit, and several works are also collected by local network. Wang Bingxiu’s painting is quickly spread through the ancient town of the double gallery, many old grandmothers come, and want to learn to paint. In the Spring Festival of 2012, the "Shuangrue Bai Farmers and Practice" is formally established. The main members are a group of old grandmothers in a group of 60 years old. Wang Bingxiu became the largest member. Cangshan Bohai has given Wang Bingxiu infinite inspiration, and the long and unique culture of Bai is even more inconsistent.

Especially good at the historical story of the two gallery, with the painting of Bai Nationality, showing the moving scene of the two gallery garden fishing songs. The painting of "old grandmother", people who are often understood to describe color "bold", but also express the most elegant emotions. "What is warm tone at the beginning, what is cold tone, I don’t understand. The color of my favorite is red, blue, etc., all of our Bai people’s most common color match.

"Wang Bingxiu used the color of the past embroidery, the effect is very good. Today, Wang Bingxiu is quite famous in the local area, and the painting accounts for most of her life." It can draw 9 in one year, There are no paintings who want to draw. "Wang Bingxiu said," I want to paint more Shuangya’s story, Dali’s story, have been drawn! " "People’s Daily" (10th edition, November 30, 202) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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