Consolidate the consensus of neighboring countries and help Afghanistan reconstruction peacefully

On March 31, the third Afghanistan neighboring foreign minister will be held in Tunxi, Anhui, China.

This is an important meeting held during the critical period of chaos and governance in Afghanistan. It has 4 distinctive characteristics: First, this meeting reflects the urgent hopes of Afghanistan to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan and regional stability through coordination and cooperation. strong determination.

At present, affected by international assistance under the United States and Western unilateral sanctions, and the impact of billions of dollars of overseas assets by the United States, Afghanistan is facing a serious economic and humanitarian crisis, and about 55%of Afghanistan’s population is in a state of serious hunger. Afghanistan’s economy is moving towards "irreversible critical points", and various terrorism forces are still active.

Faced with this situation, China and neighboring countries hope to further condense the consensus on Afghanistan issues, discuss the "neighboring plan" of Afghanistan to stabilize the situation in the next stage, and support to help the people of Afghanistan. sound". Secondly, this meeting was the first direct dialogue with the Agent Foreign Minister of Afghanistan with the Agent Agent Foreign Minister. For more than half a year of administration of Taliban in Afghanistan, Afghanistan has basically identified the overall situation that the Ada regime has been supported by most Ata. The international community wants to discuss the Afghanistan issue and bypass Afghanistan Taliban is not an objective and realistic attitude.

Each neighboring country hopes that Afghanistan will achieve peace and stability and prosperity, and hopes that Afghanistan Taliban will really crack down on terrorism. Afghanistan Taliban also realized that to solve the problem of people’s livelihood, find a self -reliant economic development path cannot be separated from the help of neighboring countries, and needs to integrate into regional economic cooperation. Participating in the interim government representatives will help the neighboring countries and the international community to directly understand the difficulties and demands of the people in Afghanistan, and it is also conducive to expressing concerns on the Afghanistan representatives to the Afghanistan representatives, promoting communication and understanding of both parties, promoting the two parties, promoting the two parties, promoting the two parties, promoting the two parties, and promoting the promotion of the communication and understanding of both parties. The two sides are doing each other. Third, the meeting further guided the open and inclusive political structure in Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is the key to Afghanistan’s policy of peace and stability, and the implementation of gentle and stable internal and external policies.

The meeting invited Catal and Indonesia and other foreign chiefs to attend the meeting. These countries have not only played an important role in promoting the peace process in Afghanistan and promoting the internal reconciliation of Afghanistan, but also pursue relatively mild and inclusive national religious policies and stable and open foreign policies. The internal and external policies have important guiding significance, reflecting the common voice of Afghan neighbors.

The Pashuto people have always played a leading role in the history of Afghanistan, but the equal participation of other ethnic groups is a necessary prerequisite for the country to achieve stability.

This will involve very complicated decentralization issues and need to be fully negotiated. Finally, the meeting further demonstrated the importance of the responsibility of the great power. During this meeting, the Afghanistan "China, the United States and Russia+" negotiation mechanism was held during this meeting.

Twenty years ago, the United States launched the Afghanistan war with the banner of counter -terrorism. Last year, it was irresponsible to evacuate, causing the situation in Afghanistan to deteriorate. For the current humanitarian crisis of Afghanistan, international assistance is indispensable, and the United States and Europe must have important responsibilities. The United States should take responsibility to increase the assistance to Humanism, instead of plundering the life -saving money of poor countries like Afghanistan with various excuses. This meeting was hosted by China, and it was another important contribution to China for Afghanistan to achieve long -lasting peace and stable development. China has always respects Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, and strives to promote the international joint force of Afghanistan reconstruction, showing the responsibility of a responsible country.

(The author is Secretary -General of the China and South Asian Cooperation Research Center of the Shanghai International Institute).

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