Latest developments: Russian media said that the Chel Nobel Nuclear Power Station resumed power supply Uhandu Foreign Minister’s meeting without progress

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 11th. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporters reported that Grabchak, deputy minister of Russia’s Energy Department, told Russia on the 10th that the Chel Nobel Nuclear Power Station, currently controlled by the Russian armed forces, has been the help of Belarusian power engineer. Restore power supply.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Culba met with Russian Foreign Minister Raft Raverov on the 10th that U -Russia failed to make progress on the issue of ceasefire.

Lavrov said Russia was willing to keep dialogue with Ukraine.

  —— Russian President Putin said on the 10th that decisively acting for foreign companies that evacuated the Russian market and introduced "external management" to its assets in Russia to avoid losses to Russian suppliers.

Putin also emphasized that reliable protection is given to foreign investors and partners who continue to stay in the Russian market. ——Anly French media reports, French President Macron and Germany’s Prime Minister Tsurtz talked to Putin on the 10th. French leaders urged Russia to stop immediately and stated that they must resolve the Ukraine crisis through negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

The leaders of the Three Kingdoms also said that they will be closely linked in the next few days.

  ——Grabcchak, deputy minister of Russia, told Russia on the 10th that the Chel Nobel Nuclear Power Station has resumed power supply with the help of Belarusian power engineers.

The power supply line from Belarus to the Chel Nobel nuclear power plant has been powered on.

The International Atomic Energy Director Director Director Gronci said at a press conference held in Vienna on the evening of the 10th that it was temporarily unable to confirm whether the Chel Nobel Nuclear Power Station had resumed power supply. The communication signals between the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Chel Nobel Nuclear Power Station are intermittent.

Ukraine Energy said earlier the same day that Ukraine had the ability to repair the Clash Nobel Nuclear Power Station being destroyed, and maintenance personnel have prepared all preparations and do not require Belarusian help.

  —— Ukrainian Foreign Minister Culba met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on the 10th on the 10th that U -Russia failed to make progress on the issue of ceasefire, and Ukraine was ready to continue negotiations with Russia.

Lavrov said Russia was willing to keep dialogue with Ukraine. Under the participation of Turkish Foreign Minister Chawuslu, Rafrov and Kulbaba met in the small town of Bellek, a small town in the suburbs of Antalia, southern Turkey on the same day.

Chawusholu said that Turkey is willing to continue to mediate as a conflict between Russia and Ukraine and host Russia and Ukraine.

This is the highest -level meeting held by Russia and Ughal since Russia launched special military operations on February 24.

  ——Arrofinant Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Konashenkov on the 10th, since Russia has launched special military operations, the Russian army has destroyed the goal of military infrastructure at 2998 Ukraine. Ukrainian losses include 98 aircraft, 110 drones, 144 air defense missile systems, 88 radar stations, 1007 tanks and other armored vehicles, 109 multi -tube rocket artillery, 374 field artillery and mortars, 793 vehicles Special military vehicles.

The Ukrainian Army said in social media on the 10th that the Ukrainian Army destroyed a "Iskhadel" missile camp in Cherina, which borders Belarus in the northern part of Ukraine that day.

  ——The Russian Government News Agency issued a statement on the 10th that the Russian government has determined a list of products prohibited from exports by the end of 2022, involving more than 200 products imported from Russia from abroad, including communication equipment, medical equipment, vehicles, agricultural machinery, etc., specific specifics, etc. Covering the train and locomotive, container, turbine, metal and stone processors, monitors, projectors, console, and control panels, "related measures are a necessary means to ensure the stability of the Russian market."

In addition, the Russian government has temporarily restricted some wood and wood products exported to unfriendly countries and regions. ——The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 10th that Russia will no longer participate in the European Commission.

The European Commission said on February 25 that it decided to suspend Russia’s rights of Russia’s Minister of the European Commission and the Parliament Conference from now on.

The European Commission is an organization of Europe, and Russia joined the organization in 1996. —— Ukraine’s highest Rada (parliament) issued a statement on the 10th on the 10th, saying that Ukraine President Zemilianski signed a decree, Ukraine will force the Russian Federal Federation and its citizens’ assets in Ukraine and will not make any compensation.

  —— Ukraine International Telecommunications Agency quoted Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Elena Weilestak on the 10th that Ukraine evacuated more than 40,000 civilians from the conflict area on the 9th. Wait for the humanitarian corridor to continue evacuating the trapped people. ——Amam (head of state) Tamam met with the visit to the Ukrainian Presidential Special Embassy Bakthastam on the 10th, on the 10th.

Tamim also talked to Zellezki on the 9th.

  ——The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board approved the provision of US $ 1.4 billion in emergency financing support to Ukraine on the 9th.

(Participate in reporters: Tang Yan, Gao Pan, Xu Yuan, Yellow River, Li Dongxu, Xiong Sihao, Huadi, Li Ao, Yang Yuanyong).

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