Communication University of China cooperates with the People’s Daily Online to promote employment

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 22 (Reporter He Miao) The Communication University of China went to the People’s Daily Online to "visit the enterprise and expand the post" and the special action launching ceremony of the "promotion of employment with the media" on the 21st. At the launching ceremony, Liao Xiangzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Communication University of China, and Ye Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of the People’s Daily Online, signed a memorandum of cooperation between employment and education for both parties. The Communication University of China and People’s Daily have maintained close cooperation in many fields, and have achieved a series of fruitful results such as the "Red Cloud Exhibition Hall" melting media communication project. This year, the scale of college graduates across the country exceeded 10 million for the first time.

Employment is the biggest livelihood.

Helping college students to establish a correct outlook on employment and realizing more sufficient and higher quality employment is the responsibility of the media.

People’s Daily will continue to integrate resources and continue to promote the "escort plan" of college students, bring together leading corporate post information for graduates, help provide preferential policies for innovation and entrepreneurship in various places, and create more high -quality job resources. The two parties will take this special action as an important opportunity to explore the new model of employment and education in colleges and universities. Liao Xiangzhong said that the Communication University of China focused on the construction of colleges and universities as a "double first -class" and assumed the duties of education for the party and the talents of the country. Employment is the foundation of the people’s livelihood. This time, with the People’s Daily Online, it has exerted the responsibility of the media and promotes the construction of a new platform for "promoting employment with the media". It is also the meaning of the University of Media University as a "double first -class" university to serve the country’s major strategy. Choosing People’s Daily as the first stop of the "visiting enterprises and expanding posts" has special considerations and significance. In this cooperation, the platform advantages, intellectual advantages, talent advantages, and communication advantages of both parties will be converged. Through curriculum and activities, they will jointly create a "drive" led by employment. Stay your life positioning and make a good background in life. It is hoped that the People’s Daily Online’s "Communication Content Cognitive National Key Laboratory" and the "media integration and dissemination of the National Key Laboratory" of the Communication University of China will continue to maintain a "comprehensive, close, win -win, and sustainable" cooperative relationship to create The academic community of the national strategy, system design, and scientific layout, and the construction of scientific research innovation platforms and high -precision talent training platforms in the field of national media integration. Tang Weihong, member of the People’s Daily Party Committee, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sun Haifeng, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Editor -in -Chief, Li Zhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese University of China, Wang Hui, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, Yang Yan, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, Assistant to the Principal Attending the launching ceremony.

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