Gutres calls for strengthening the huge challenges facing multilateralism in international cooperation

  Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, April 24th (Reporter Wang Jianang) UN Secretary -General of the United Nations Gutres delivered a speech on multilateralism and Peace International Day on the 24th, calling on the international community to strengthen cooperation in response to the huge challenges facing multilateralism.

  Gutres said in his speech that the international community’s commitment to multilateralism was "being broken" at the beginning of the establishment of the United Nations, and the core principles of multilateral cooperation are facing the greatest pressure since the founding of the United Nations. From climate crisis to increasing conflicts, including military conflicts that occur in Ukraine, the control of large -scale lethal weapons, public health events, global refugee protection mechanisms, etc., all indicate that the multilateral system and diplomatic value system are facing the four directions from all directions. threaten.

  Gutres said that the international community should be united and strive to turn "the moment of this crisis into a moment of multilateralism."

The international community should strive to establish a more network of multilateralism.

He called on governments and leaders of various countries and leaders to reiterate their commitments to dialogue and global solutions because "this is the only sustainable path to realize peace."

  In December 2018, the UN General Assembly announced the establishment of multilateralism and Peace International Day, and celebrated the first celebration at the United Nations headquarters of New York on April 24, 2019.

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