“Go! Go! Go!Don’t mention this later,Otherwise i won’t care about you again。I am leaving!”He Jing said,Turn around and leave。

Monkey Lu was anxious,He rushed over with a limping leg,He grabbed He Jing,Hippie smiley said:“Leave a call!I’ll see you when I have time” He Jing hesitated,But he left his phone number to Monkey Lu。 He Jing returned to the clinic,Doctor Lu is back,He is giving the patient’s pulse。Wait until he finishes seeing the patient,He Jing […]

“What is this,Open it for me quickly,otherwise。。Hum”

Fuming with a heavy threat,The guard’s palm clenched,The companion on the side held him。 “Hehe,Master Wang,You please” Another guard hurriedly opened the gate,Bow the waist and raise the hand falsely,Fuming snorted,Only then walked out of the city gate。 “I say you are stupid,Can we afford this royal family in this parkway city?!If he wants us […]

Chapter One Thousand and Three Reshape the small world

Li Tianzhi’s pace suddenly slowed down,But still powerful,Because he can’t find God hiding,Or that the connection between him and Shenzang was temporarily interrupted,He vaguely knew what happened,So don’t panic,Just not sure how long this change will last。 If he can explore the gods with the eyes of the sea of knowledge,Will be surprised,That colorful little […]

2Several advertisements in Hall No.,Can see from afar,Just what Xu Feng saidBWhere is the third floor??Xia Jian drove the car,While thinking about this question。

suddenly,Bai Li pointed to the front and said:“President Xia!I think this2Pavilion No. is built from east to west,So from east to west,The first building should beADong,And so onBBuilding should be the second building。Bai Li is really smart,What she said,Xia Jian immediately understood。 This belongs to the new development zone,Many people work during the day,Still looks […]

New employees don’t understand what they don’t understand,Also started to follow,All of a sudden I saw people in black uniforms running away,The scene is like making a movie。

“Don’t froze,Run!”A big tall guy grabbed Li Tianchou。Li Tianchou has a look,The big guy is familiar,Is a new colleague,Just never said something,I seem to remember to call Luo Jun when calling。Mind wavering,I couldn’t help but ran along。 Sirens,Stimulating everyone’s extra effort to run。Many people are panicking,I can run in any direction,But the black suits that […]

Cold,Deep marrow。

Monkey lows the head,Shiver。 How much is the colorful fox?。 The sound of the empty voice came from all directions,Direct to the brain。 “What is the purpose??” “It seems to be for the dragon corpse。” The temperature in the temple suddenly fell a few degrees,Second monster。 “knew。You are staring at it at any time.。” Monkey: […]

“It’s Hexiangui,Zhu Minglang, please go to Mianshan Jianzong as soon as possible,Please head out of the mountain,We saw……We saw the mountain fairy,It destroyed Guangshan Zizonglin。”Bai Qin’an seems to have resigned。

“Your situation is not good now!”I wish Minglang a close to the river,The river is like a grumpy dragon,Furiously twisting his body。 “We can’t live,I’m afraid you are not the opponent of this Hexiangui,Don’t waste our lives for us,”Bai Qin’an said。 “Senior White is so humorous,Just this little spirit,I wish Minglang clean it up as […]

Wang Youcai got up early this day,Because he received a call from Feng Yan at night,Hu Huiru is coming to check the work。Boss is coming,He dare not care。

Early in the morning,He and Liu Ying cleaned the entire yard。And every office,No matter what you started using,Still reserved,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to scrub again。 Even the toilet,Under the supervision of Wang Youcai, Liu Ying was washed at least five times.。He also ingeniously let Liu Ying spray inferior perfume into it。 Everything is ready,Wang […]

When this sound is finished,obviously,For the current,It is even more people who have some beginning.。

And Qin Night turned,It’s even looking at the time.。 Qin Night brow wrinkled:“Shen Xuan?” As for Shen Xuan,It is slowly moving towards this.。 While walking forward,While talking:“Be right,it is me。” “You are the people of the night assassin group.,What to do here is,Still even!” Anyway, in Shen Xuan looks,itself,It’s not a little.,What will this look […]

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