“It’s Hexiangui,Zhu Minglang, please go to Mianshan Jianzong as soon as possible,Please head out of the mountain,We saw……We saw the mountain fairy,It destroyed Guangshan Zizonglin。”Bai Qin’an seems to have resigned。

“Your situation is not good now!”I wish Minglang a close to the river,The river is like a grumpy dragon,Furiously twisting his body。 “We can’t live,I’m afraid you are not the opponent of this Hexiangui,Don’t waste our lives for us,”Bai Qin’an said。 “Senior White is so humorous,Just this little spirit,I wish Minglang clean it up as […]

Wang Youcai got up early this day,Because he received a call from Feng Yan at night,Hu Huiru is coming to check the work。Boss is coming,He dare not care。

Early in the morning,He and Liu Ying cleaned the entire yard。And every office,No matter what you started using,Still reserved,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to scrub again。 Even the toilet,Under the supervision of Wang Youcai, Liu Ying was washed at least five times.。He also ingeniously let Liu Ying spray inferior perfume into it。 Everything is ready,Wang […]

When this sound is finished,obviously,For the current,It is even more people who have some beginning.。

And Qin Night turned,It’s even looking at the time.。 Qin Night brow wrinkled:“Shen Xuan?” As for Shen Xuan,It is slowly moving towards this.。 While walking forward,While talking:“Be right,it is me。” “You are the people of the night assassin group.,What to do here is,Still even!” Anyway, in Shen Xuan looks,itself,It’s not a little.,What will this look […]

If there is dragon scale fruit,I can get in with the power of suspension,But to speed up the healing of Xiaolong and their wounds,The fruit has been used up,So the biggest obstacle this time is the grid。

I thought about this question repeatedly,But the final solution still falls on the skeleton,Maybe I can use the force of the skeleton to break through the grid,Of course this is just an idea,I still need to practice it myself。 Xiaolong, they sent me and Ouyang to the wooden stake gate and stopped,We hug each other […]

Chapter One Hundred and Forty One Su Mei is missing

Three days passed quickly,Because the road is clear,The migration plan went well,The newly appointed leader of Lu Xiong is also very reliable,The news sent by someone also gives us peace of mind。 Next,The plan to enter the inner island is officially launched。 Because the road ends in the abandoned area,So we have to walk in,Wenru’s […]

The thought of her going back to Guo Jinhai,I don’t feel like it in my heart,Watching her sitting cross-legged under a giant tree, using fine vines to help me mow my pants,Her graceful back and beautiful black hair are very gentle,I have a gentle touch in my heart,The picture in front of me is really warm and beautiful,I really want time to freeze at this moment,Let happiness stand still。

While she sews the gap,I opened the broadleaf bag she sent,There is wild boar and snake meat inside,These meats are rubbed with coarse salt,And cut it squarely with a knife,Can be saved for a period of time,Thinking of Monkey King, I want to eat barbecue,So I set up a branch and prepared to roast it,After […]

“Indeed,Is a tricky opponent…”

———— First180chapter Undercurrent With the voice of gin falling,A female voice slowly entered the ears of the two people in the front seat from the back seat of the car。 “Sorry,Absinthe…” Gin dangling his cigarette and looking back slightly,“I specifically asked you to come and support that useless old thing,Made you get into trouble with […]

“Has a student’s parent sent it recently??“

“Yes!But recently they are sending alcohol and cigarettes,I don’t like to refuse!“My goodness!How big is this person’s mind!Still in school now,Saying this so loudly!Is this blatant corruption?? “I’m going to find you right away“ “it is good“I hang up,Put on clothes,Stared at the closet for a long time,What kind of taste is this?,What kind of […]

So in the previous small talk,Takagi and Tang Ze cooperated in guiding the topic。

This routine is basically talking about the homework first,Then from the side to learn some other people’s intelligence,Then enter the topic。 Even if the opponent reacts strongly,Unwilling to answer,Start“see a visitor out”,The two will not be driven out without any gain。 Of course, this is also a measure in general,Fortunately, Mrs. Katori belongs to this“generally”,He […]

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