Feature Afghan Businessmen Look Forward to Increasing Pine Nuts Export To China

AfghanfarmersharvestpinenutsinMehtarlam, capitalofLaghmanprovince, Afghanistan ,, dorandthefirstflightcarried45tonsoftheseedstotheneighboringcountry, markingthefirstexportfromAfghanistantoChinasinceTalibanstakeoverofthecountry (PhotobySaifurahmanSafi / Xinhua) MEHTARLAM, Afghanistan, (Xinhua) -… "TheresumedpinenutsexporttoChinahasencouragedlocaltraderstofurtherinvestintheprofitableseedstoincreasetheirincomeandtocreatejobopportunitiesforothers," AfghantraderNoorMohammadsaid "Ihavehiredabout120peopletocollectandcleanpinenutsformeeveryday," Mohammad, aresidentofAfghanistanseasternLaghmanprovince ,, 42, describedChinaasagoodmarketforAfghanpinenutsandwelcomedtheresumptionofexportoftheprofitableseedsviaaircorridortotheneighboringcountry "TheexportofpinenutstoChinaleadstotheincreaseofthepriceoftheseeds, otherwisethepricewoulddropandthepinenuttraderswouldsubsequentlysuffer," 18AMEDATBOOSTINGTRADECONOMICRRELATIONS, -DORANDTHEFIRSTFLIGHTCARRIED45TONSOFTHESEDOTHENED45TONSOFTHESEDSTHENETHBORINGCOUNTRY, MARKINGTHEFIRSTEXPORTFROMAFGH anistantoChinasinceTalibanstakeoverofthecountry. "MoreexportsofpinenutstoChinawouldfurtherserveoureconomicbenefitathome," Mohammadsaid, addingthatwiththeincreaseinpinenutsexporttoChina, thepriceoftheseeds, 38-year-oldRahimullahsaidthecountryisatacriticalstagewherepoverty, unemploymentanduncertaintyhaveaddedtothesufferingofwar-wearyAfghans, -ledforeignforcesandtheestablishmentoftheTalibancaretakergovernment, Afghanistanisfacingmulti-facetedeconomicwoesincludingassetbeissome35millionpopulationwouldfacefoodshortageinthecomingwinter, accordingtotheWorldFoodProgram (WFP). "PinenutsexporttoChinahasraisedhopeamonglocaltraderstoinvestintheprofitableseedsandthatiswhyIhavehiredabout150dailywagerstoworkformeeverydaytocleanthefruit," RahimullahtoldXinhua. "ItismyearnestwishtoseetheincreaseintheexportofpinenutstoChinaasmoreexportsandmoreprofitswouldeventuallyimproveoureconomicsituationandlivingconditions,", Nangarhar, Kunar, Kapisa Nuristan, Khost,PaktiaandPaktikaprovinceswherethousandsofpeopleincludingwomenaredirectlyandindirectlyengagedinthebusiness. "Sincepinenutsareprofitableseeds, nodoubttheinvestmentinthefruithelpsmanypeoplemakeprofitsdirectlyandindirectly, andbringchangetotheirlivelihood," saidBadam, wholeasedajungleofpinenutsinNuristanprovince. "ThepopulousChinacouldbeagoodmarketforAfghanpinenuts,", capitalofLaghmanprovince, Afghanistan ,, dorandthefirstflightcarried45tonsoftheseedstotheneighboringcountry, […]

40 cases of pneumonia in Liaoning Province

All of this reporter’s signature text, pictures, and copyright are all in Xin’an Evening News. Any media, website or individual, no authorization, link, reposted, or otherwise copy the published; authorized media, website, in use, "Source: Xin’an Evening News or Anhui Net", illegal will be based on law Pursue legal responsibility. Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net […]

China’s "Jin", see changes, celebrate harvest, feel the national conditions

  When I came out of the East Village, the original country tiger couldn’t help but won the tears. He is the first secretary of Dongli Village, Anze County, Linyi City, Shanxi Province. This identity has been accompanied by him for 6 years. Today, the three sessions are full, he is going to go. "No matter […]

Big data helps epidemic prevention and control (disappointing with true feelings)

The Malaysian Ministry of Health has developed an early warning system named "Dynamic Participation Hotspot Identification System" to help epidemic prevention and control. The system is calculated by means of data information such as population density, spatial limit and air circulation. It is predicted which places may become a "hot spot" and release reminders to […]

2021 National Fitness Day Theme Determines the National Fitness and Olympic Walk

It will be boring for the Olympic athletes, adding a color to the National Games, welcoming the content of the Winter Olympics into the "National Fitness Day" activity, and full of "national fitness and Olympic peers" theme. With the people’s people pay attention to the Olympics, support the enthusiasm of the Olympics, guide them to […]

Continuously promote Marxism China Times

  Practice development will never end, theoretical innovation has never ended. The theory is only "often new" to "evergreen". The officers and men of the whole army should accurately learn to understand, do not shake the practice of penetrating the neighboring military thoughts, and promote this thought to the deep, walk in the heart, walk in […]

Prevent surfaceization, formation, entertainment, let the "three sessions" really play

The 19th National Congress of the Party expressed its clear proposal when describing the construction of the party’s grassroots organization: adhere to the "three sessions" system. The "three sessions and one lesson" system is of great significance for strengthening the party’s grassroots organization. However, in the past one period, some grassroots party organizations have also […]

Helpt de promotie van energie-governance nieuw patroon 2021 Het 3e Shanghai International LNG Sea Forum werd gehouden in Shanghai

"LNG-verzending is gerelateerd aan veiligheid op energieverbidding en de warme winter, en het is belangrijk voor de veiligheid van energievoorziening." Liu Peng, plaatsvervangend directeur van het Ministerie van Transport, zei dat het Ministerie van Transport in de afgelopen jaren effectieve maatregelen heeft genomen om de LNG-Access Terminal- en Fleet Construction te versterken, die de preventie […]

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