Drove the big ben and wandered around the street,Xia Jian didn’t know where he was going,For a moment he seemed extremely confused。This is how to do?Twenty million!Where to let him get it?

Just when Xia Jian was desperate,His phone rang。I didn’t want to pick it up,But he hesitated to connect。Jin Yimei’s voice came from inside:“President Xia!I just came back from the bank,They only give us three days,Expired,Their attitude is very tough” “Ok!I know“Xia Jian replied weakly。 Xia Jian stopped the car by the side of the road,He […]

Steady,I didn’t say anything too sure.,I only said that these people have heard these people.,feeling good,Can contact it,If there is a possibility,Check out。

Yu Rui also don’t think too much,Wang traffic can acquire the company,It is definitely what I want to have in this regard.,Understanding the situation is normal。 Learn more,Also do several arrangements,Time is near noon,I have done it.,The rest is to take some time to execute,Temporarily nothing,The king didn’t stay again.,Leaving Yihua。 Just downstairs,He Liang suddenly […]

I didn’t waste my usual,Love her。however,next moment,Sister’s words,Like a heavy hammer,Hit him hard。</P>

</P> Just listen to my sister Qiaoshengsheng:“Dad Huang,The apron you bring for cooking,where to put?I’ll bring it to Brother Su Luo,I am worried he will be burnt。”</P> </P> Looking at my sister’s real eyes,Huang Lei suddenly felt a little distressed,Then pointed a direction,The girl bounced away happily。</P> </P> Huang Lei is depressed,Almost vomiting blood。</P> </P> […]


“Hey,Did you just see it?Who was that woman just now!What are you wearing?!Why talk to Yan Haidong!“ “Yes indeed,Yes indeed!“ “It’s the first time I saw Yan Haidong talking to a woman!“ “Just gossip!Who is that girl just now?!Looks pretty“ ”Where is it good?,You are blind“ ”what~~~~~~Our school grass doesn’t belong to us, right?!“ ”You […]

“They hook up the girl here,So Tyrannosaurus treated them as garbage,And Lu Xiong,He was originally included in the exploration plan,But Cao Yongchang firmly opposed him to join,So he can only stay with us。”

The middle-aged man with a nosebleed sat up from the ground,Look at both of his eye sockets are beaten to bruise,Thinking of Ouyang’s words to give him a turning light,I can’t help but laugh。 I didn’t expect this guy to be convinced,This makes me very unfulfilled,I guess there are many people like this in society,Their […]

“Ok,Where’s my little uncle??“

“Uncle went out to work too!“ “Sister-in-law,Go learn braille,Call you an adult school?“ “Damn,I’ll just go to the hotel to work。“ “That won’t work,You are in your 30s this year,Why do you keep muddled like this?Learn braille,Learn something,My mother goes too。” “what,Xiaoxi,I want to go too?“ “Ok,Yes,I’ll inquire,I remember there is an elderly university in […]

“some,Half closed。“

“go,On the roof。“The dean also seems to understand what I want to say to him,Didn’t ask much,Take me to the rooftop。 I looked around,No one,Walk into the open。 ”Dean,I’m not talking about you,You still take bribes!Is good,This trend is popular in this period,But you want to be refreshed?Still have to be safe for a lifetime?Maybe […]

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