For more convenient life,A large number of gas such as carbon dioxide makes this planet gradually sick。

finally,The so-called world will,That is, the so-called“God”can not watch anymore。 I saw him overlooking the ground from high altitude.,Subsequently shot a golden light,All humans on the planet disappeared。 Land began to recover,The ocean began to re-pregnant life,The sky has also restored the color of the past,Everything is like prescribe the back key,The world began to […]

but,They also know,Shen Xuan is absolutely impossible to do this.。

At this moment,Shen Xuan turned and looked at Li Hao in front of him.。 “Little Lee,You feel,Can I do it??” Shen Xuan’s words,Let Li Hao finish a wrinkle。 Can Shen Xuan do,What is the relationship with him?? But now,Since Shen Xuan has asked,So Li Hao does not say anything.,Isn’t it equal to weak?? So I […]

“Isn’t it still not enough?,This money first borrowed brother,Waiting for your money,Your tuition is full of brothers.,It is certain that the wind is light to let you go to college。”

Wang traffic explanation,Look at Wang Fang and want to open,Directly:“okay,I still have time.,No work is explained more than you.,Don’t tell my parents, don’t tell my parents.,After waiting in a few days, I will double the money.。” I said that I raised my family.。 “elder brother、elder brother……”Wang Fang was hurried to chase out,The king has already […]

Congenital breath now,Zhenshanchu is in the deepest part of the underground palace,Seeing to be at your fingertips,But because of Li Xiucheng,Panmang’s evil fire has nowhere to vent,If Baimei is dead,Zhong Lizong is clearly the biggest gainer,He at least threatened Panmang with the underground palace formation,How can you let this guy succeed。

Pan Mang’s body instantly turned into a thick black smoke,Extremely flexible shuttle in the gap of giant fists that are constantly dumped or hit,Disappear soon,The next moment he appeared near the entrance of the previous hole,The Kunlun Clan has become a bloody corpse,Zhongli is missing from Baimei。 The tremor in the underground palace eased slightly […]

and so,Raleigh can’t help Leo。

They all see this to each other,Leo may still be far from Raleigh,But Raleigh can’t take Leo。 and,Raleigh’s outbreak is a heavy burden on the body,This burden will be restored soon,But need to stop。 And after a few times,Raleigh knew he couldn’t catch up with Leo,So I just stopped。 “What are you doing?”Raleigh is not […]

Xiao Wei is obviously not looking for Chen Wei to seek help。

so,North Zhou Emperor Yu,Is the only help object。And according to Zhou Guo’s strategic needs,They should be very willing to use Xiao Yu to do Zhang., Do not say,At least this relationship,It’s better to stay in Yucheng slowly.。Don’t say Xiao Wei.,Even Xiao Yu,It’s very clear。 “Greater host,But what is the condition??” Xiao Yu asked,With his father’s“Noodle […]

Drove the big ben and wandered around the street,Xia Jian didn’t know where he was going,For a moment he seemed extremely confused。This is how to do?Twenty million!Where to let him get it?

Just when Xia Jian was desperate,His phone rang。I didn’t want to pick it up,But he hesitated to connect。Jin Yimei’s voice came from inside:“President Xia!I just came back from the bank,They only give us three days,Expired,Their attitude is very tough” “Ok!I know“Xia Jian replied weakly。 Xia Jian stopped the car by the side of the road,He […]

Steady,I didn’t say anything too sure.,I only said that these people have heard these people.,feeling good,Can contact it,If there is a possibility,Check out。

Yu Rui also don’t think too much,Wang traffic can acquire the company,It is definitely what I want to have in this regard.,Understanding the situation is normal。 Learn more,Also do several arrangements,Time is near noon,I have done it.,The rest is to take some time to execute,Temporarily nothing,The king didn’t stay again.,Leaving Yihua。 Just downstairs,He Liang suddenly […]

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