Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Area allows foreign investment literary performance groups

People’s Daily Online Beijing October 26 (Dong Zhai) This morning, Beijing Implementation of the State Council’s Temperature Press Conference. The reporter learned that after this adjustment is regulations, Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone will allow foreign-invested cultural performance groups (subject to China Holdings). It is understood that the State Council decided to temporarily adjust the laws […]

De oprichter van het Congres van het National People, de oprichter van het Pig Eight Ring Network: ontwikkelen van de internet-economie, inclusief voorzichtigheid is belangrijk

"China Economische Week" Reporter HU Wei’s "China Economische Week" Reporter HU Wei ︱ Nationale twee sessies On-Site Rapporten: Zhou Qi (dit artikel uitgegeven in "China Economische week" 2018 nr. 10) Breaking AC Temporal Temporal Binding is Internet-kenmerken een. In de centrale en westelijke regio’s van het verkeer relatief af en toe zal het internet nieuwe […]

China @ 四川 | The plateau apple under the snow mountain is familiar!

  In recent years, Qingde Town, Township, Sichuan Province, in recent years, in accordance with the festival of the plateau, climate, etc., to create a modern agricultural fruit industrial park planting plateau Apple, which has developed more than 10,000 mu of core district, Apple sales to Chengdu and Hangzhou and other places Away to drive the […]

Buy imported cold chain food to select "three performance" products

Original title: Buying imported cold chain food selection "Three Performance" products "Recently, some of the new championships of some goods were positive, as well as netizens, due to contact with the incidental package," Yesterday, taro What are the precautions when collecting express delivery, Municipal Word Control Center Emergency Office Director Fan Shuangfeng made a reminder: […]

American media article: "Democracy Summit" has not been failed

On December 11th, the US "Wall Street Journal" website issued the article "In the Democratic Summit, Bunden and once again and again" said that the so-called democratic summit has failed. The author is Saddan De Dimo. The full text is as follows: The so-called democratic summit of US President Biden has not yet begun. This […]

A small step in a small step-by-step feeding in the ampoule

For pharmaceutical companies, every detail in the production process is related to product quality and safety, even if the small flaws on the packaging bottle can not be negliged. The ampoule bottle containing injection is thin, and the filling process is easy to generate a broken bottle, glass scrap, which is a problem that has […]

Zhongqing Net Review: Deliberately fight the "hard bones"

  July 6th to 7th, Li Keqiang Prime Minister Tongren and Guiyang in Guizhou. During the examination, Li Keqiang talked with the villagers to talk about poverty alleviation. He said that in recent years, he has made significant progress in all aspects of hard work. Although this year is affected by the epidemic and flood disasters, […]

Central Aid Hongyi Cangki Hospital is voltooid en is soepel ingeschakeld

  De foto toont de scène van het Kanghua-klassieke ziekenhuis. (Xinhua News Agency) Volgens Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong (Reporter Liu Mingyang, Zhang Ya Shi) op ??het 1e, 7 Tsing Yi Cangkian Hospital, de Central Associated Hong Kong, die officieel heeft ingediend bij de SAR-regering van Hong Kong, en ontving de eerste partij asymptomatische of de […]

Xi Jinping’s story 丨 "Zhaoyuan" industry

  He started from his hand and made a backward feudal small town into "China’s first first city" and promoted the process of China’s national industrial development.   He intends to make an industry, pour in school, with business research, and wealth in a lifetime, all for social services.   This person is Zhang Wei.   How do Xi […]

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