What stimulates?” Zhao Xiaoli shakes the brain,She feels that the medicine is very big before Liu Dafu.。 “Hey-hey,How to bundle game? like or not? I tied you,Then”Zhang Erzhuang also did not expect to be drunk Zhao Xiaoli so cooperated.。 Don’t need him with strong。 Li Hui’s voice was also heard of Zhang Erzhuang’s voice.。 When […]

The speed of falling finally slowed down,His body is suspended in a wonderful space,The surroundings are extremely white,But the strange thing is that it is not glaring。

“You came。”A soft male voice rang,The tone is as kind as meeting old acquaintances,Li Tianzhi looked around,But can’t find the source of the sound。 “who are you?where is this place?” “I am you,You are me。” “Are you trying to prevaricate me??” “I never say prevarication。” Li Tianzhi,But I can’t remember when there will be such […]

Wang Youcai’s 180-degree transformation made several aunts extremely happy,But Aunt Wang seemed to remember something,She frowned and didn’t speak。But when Wang Youcai drove his broken jeep out of the compound,Aunt Wang got into the passenger cabin first。

People are good face,This Aunt Wang is even more。His husband is the head of dozens of households in Chenzhuang,She, the wife of the village chief, also has a lot of face in front of everyone。Like knocking on the door and calling for a car today,Although a bit twists and turns,But in the end Wang Youcai […]

On the phone,Guo Meili paused and said:”Good manager Xia,I will hold a meeting right away,Anyway, we have to build it sooner or later,We might as well do it early“It seems that Guo Meili’s thoughts are the same as Xia Jian’s。

“Secretary Wang,Don’t worry now!Don’t say that our businessmen don’t talk about credibility,Be careful of being beaten”Xia Jian finished saying this,Get up and go。 Ouyang Hong chased outside from the office,Shout loudly:“Don’t be angry, Mr. Xia,I invite you to eat fried noodles” Xia Jian stopped taking a look,Found that it was half past twelve,Are all this […]

Forgiveness,This is a little fake,Various nobles,One listening is to push the words。

Tongong Yale does not speak,Liao Wenjie does not speak,believe it or not,He is unparalleled.。 Just when the two people are silent,Living room wooden door ringing,A man holding a cane pushed into the door。 Monk,Left hand sleeve is empty,Obviously it is a middle-aged person,Dying,Heads have some spending white。 谏 山 奈 落。 Tujia home,The contemporary home […]

“President Xia is a young talent in business,Be vigorous and vigorous,Ok!Since you came with sincerity,I, He Wei, will give you a bottom,I have planted more than 40 million in this land,So add other fees and bank interest,Not fifty million,Let’s not talk about it“He Wei said,Looked at the door outside the window。

At this moment,Shouting at the gate,Wave over wave,Through glass,All a bit deafening。The office door was pushed open,A woman with glasses came in,She said to He Wei:“Mr. He,City Labor Bureau called,Let you go quickly,This is the fifth call,and so…“ “Got it,Go ahead!“He Wei interrupted which woman very impatiently。 Xia Jian saw that the time was about,Said […]

Sitting for three days,Three Tail You Feng put the detailed combat plan and the operational task of the division,And the core objective of this operation,At the Xun Sail, the division began to deploy according to the operation plan.。

Chongqing Songshan Military Bureau “boss,What is the chairman??” “I have agreed that I will agree.!Before Xiajiu helped him,This time he doesn’t help me.。”Talk statement, “It is a big loss to a little devil.,How to do Xiaojiu?” “You don’t have to worry about this.,Xiaojiu certainly has a way。”Wearing it is also rumored to let him see […]

“Is not,I’m back home,Lost your phone if you lose it,I didn’t want to contact anyone at that time,Stayed at home for more than a month,I just came back,My eldest brother-in-law bought this phone when I left。”

“Gosh,You are truly legendary,Fortunately, I met someone who was timid and unwilling to kill,Otherwise, you and the child are gone!”Zhang Siwei was scared enough,Pale face,Turn around and give Xia Shuyue an affectionate hug。 “Who kidnapped me,All thought I was dead,Except for the one who let me go,Otherwise I’m afraid I won’t live today。”There were tears […]

裴 星:“It’s too lazy,Put it here without moving and clean,Suitable sleep。”

Branch:“……OK。” This is a descendant to restore the original,Don’t forget to take the golden leaves before you change。 Yan Bing lived out“Big beast”,Also in the future,裴 星 道 道:“You come to me.?” His tang is hidden in a surprise,Quite restrained。 If the words, the words of the branches arrived at the mouth, didn’t it be […]

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