“Is not,I’m back home,Lost your phone if you lose it,I didn’t want to contact anyone at that time,Stayed at home for more than a month,I just came back,My eldest brother-in-law bought this phone when I left。”

“Gosh,You are truly legendary,Fortunately, I met someone who was timid and unwilling to kill,Otherwise, you and the child are gone!”Zhang Siwei was scared enough,Pale face,Turn around and give Xia Shuyue an affectionate hug。 “Who kidnapped me,All thought I was dead,Except for the one who let me go,Otherwise I’m afraid I won’t live today。”There were tears […]

裴 星:“It’s too lazy,Put it here without moving and clean,Suitable sleep。”

Branch:“……OK。” This is a descendant to restore the original,Don’t forget to take the golden leaves before you change。 Yan Bing lived out“Big beast”,Also in the future,裴 星 道 道:“You come to me.?” His tang is hidden in a surprise,Quite restrained。 If the words, the words of the branches arrived at the mouth, didn’t it be […]


First215chapter Study out England,This is the main body of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland。 So in general“United Kingdom”This word,This is what it represents。 And here,It’s where Tang Ze was sent to study。 Because of the recent cases,Tang Ze’s resume was quickly covered with outstanding records。 So this time it was supposed […]

Not long after arriving,The garden manager sent ritual supplies,Of course I set up a hotel here,Can handle funeral,You can also solve the lunch and breakfast problem when sweeping the grave,Special ritual supplies and food are also provided。Of course the cost is not low。The staff handles everything and leaves,Only my granddaughter and I are left,We finished incense and paper money one by one,I shed tears at my parents’ tombstone。

“Parents,Are you guys OK?Are you still in that world?He has been reincarnated?I miss you so much,Can i see you after i die?”Sad looking at me crying,Granddaughter kept tears silently。I finished talking in front of the graves of my parents and the old man,The granddaughter just called to say that the sanitation at home was cleaned […]

Chat room,The old store manager has already measured Tang Ze’s size,Then brought a pile of fabric,For Ayako and Tangze to choose the fabrics and colors used to make the suits。

Under Ayako’s recommendation,Tang Ze chose a black,I chose another black and gray,All fabrics are made with low-speed looms,Feels very good。 Although handmade custom suits are a bit expensive,But for Tang Ze“System copying”For those who raise him,This little money is nothing,Especially if you pay the royalties, you can get soft。 It will take some time to […]

Lu Xiong gets excited:“Yes indeed!There is indeed a treasure!But the treasure is left by my master,Nothing to do with Wang Jun,It has nothing to do with your patron saint!”

The old ghost quickly explained with a smile:“This is Master Lu, right?Don’t get excited,Listen to me first,The treasure must be yours,This thing is true,But I have an idea, please listen to it first,The treasure burial point is not far from the hidden area,Could it be that the place is on the border between the Xia […]

Isn’t it just learning!!Labor and management!!

So Tang Ze is also in the incentive to reduce the reward,Determined to study hard。 Not only because the reward was cut this time, he saw his shortcomings,Also because he knew,The two I have mocked“Diao Min”,I’ll definitely try to get him off the horse。 So I can’t relax the slightest! of course,Another point is that […]

”that,Why did grandpa divorce sister-in-law and uncle?!“

”Why detour up again?Our current marriage law!Is monogamous,If one of the couple cheated,Have substantial problems,Can take the other person out of the house!“ “What is the purification!“ “Xiao Sheng,You know too little extracurricular knowledge!I asked the books I sent to read more,and also,Do you want to read legal books?All of these legally known,I have someone […]

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