Early Winter Yarlun Zangbao: Jiangsu Chengche Survival

  The Yarlun Tibet, the river is clear, and the scenery is quiet and beautiful."Yarun Zangbu" said that the central Tibet is called Central Chambrance, meaning the water flowing down from the highest peak, and is regarded by the Tibetan "cradle" and "mother river". The picture shows the Jarlun Zangbao scenery filmed in Zhane County, Shannan […]

Guizhou-studenten realiseren muzikale dromen in rockband

[VideobyLiYangandXieMingming /] StudentsatDashuiprimaryschoolinXinjiantown, Fenggangcounty, Zunyicity, Guizhouprovince, setuparockbandtorealizetheirmusicaldreams, thankstoChinas "doublereduction" policiesto, studentsandteachersoftheschoolenjoyedthebandsperformanceattheplayground, w, whichwassetupinOctober, iscomposedofsevenstudentsfromdifferentgrades, withthreeguitarists, adrummer, akeyboardist, abassplayerandavocalist. "Theirtalentandmusicaldreamsarelikelytogivethemwingsthatcouldpropelthemtoflyawayfromthemountains," saidFanBiao, aninstructorforthestudents, whograduatedin2019andappliedtoserveasateacherforthreeyearsinaspecialpostingatDashuiprimaryschool. "Lastsemester, theaveragescoreofourschedoublereductionpolicies ".

Henan fellow, is your rural homework? New standard

Fellows in Henan, are you planning to build a house in the hometown? Do you know what new requirements in rural buildings? New regulations such as "Henan Rural Collective Building Housing Construction Management Measures (Trial)" have given the answer. 2021 is the first year of implementing rural construction actions. The "Implementation Plan of Henan Province, […]

Henan enhances grassroots doctors

Henan enhanced grassroots doctor treatment more than 60% increased reward performance salary on October 09, 2020 05:17 Source: This newspaper Zhengzhou October 8 (Reporter Ren Victory) reporter learned from Henan Health and Health Committee: Recently, the Henan Provincial Health and Health Committee, Henan Provincial Department of Finance, Henan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, […]

Rui Rui Poster "Beauty Blowing" Democratic Lighthouse "poured

Recommended reading in Hequ County, Shanxi Province, located on the banks of the Yellow River, has a rich traditional Chinese village resource and a long-standing unique folk song culture. In order to more scientifically protect and develop cultural resources, the local party committee, the government conduct extensive research, contact unburring cooperation with corresponding discipline advantages, […]

Bron Biblo vandaag landde in het GEM te luidde de prijsstelling product upgrade kans

[] De Secundaire Card Nieuws Special Glass Leaders Enterprise Granonte Bohai Op 11 november, de eerste keer dat ik publiceerde voorraden in de GEM GEM. Het bedrijf stock code "301188", het aantal openbare uitgegeven aandelen 58.109.777 aandelen, distributie prijs 13 yuan / aandeel. Met ingang van de middag sluiten, de koers van het aandeel steeg […]

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