Sun Yaru is in a smile.,Are attracting attention。

The same black golden evening dress is in Sun Yuru,Let Sun Yaru seem to be the Queen,Full of a touch of colorful。 The fork of the evening dress side,Until the waist,As the lotus foot is easy,The snowy jade leg is if it hidden,It is even more charm of the North Ocean.。 With Qin Su Ya, […]

As for escaping from prison,Since the prison was put into use,There is no one。

The Skynet of the prison seems to be defensive and one of the important reasons for the final death of entrepreneurs,Because of this tight defense,Make entrepreneurs have no heart。 Knowing that after probation,100% cannot be commuted。 Even if the sentence is commuted,Have to serve at least 20 years in prison,After serving the sentence and being […]

”Strictly speaking,A god like you should be considered a second god!Your supernatural power can be regarded as an alien among the new gods,Generally, the new god has only one divine power attribute,And even if there is a kind of divine power, you have to strengthen your cultivation base to evolve into a full divine.,You guy is the peak at the start!Can actually get two divine blessings,It’s really a blessing!“

Seeing the big guy is overwhelmed and ecstatic,I am also infected,I can’t help but ask:”Then you mean I should be happy now?“ ”Of course!You don’t just have to be happy now,We have to sing!There are more than thousands of demigods transformed by the old man,But I’m the first to meet a demigod like you!I am […]


Huang Lei took a sip of tea,Tao:“What idea,you。”</P> </P> Peng Yu sang will holdhLifted up,Tao:“Teacher Huang,If there are any guests from now on,Willing to take them in,Just let him take it away。”</P> </P> Teacher He’s eyes lit up,Tao:“Peng Peng’s idea is good。”</P> </P> Huang Lei looked at Sand Wing beside her,Tao:“Old sand,Are you interested in […]

”I do not know!“

Girl shook her head,She grabbed my hand suddenly,Sure eyes:”Mr. Zhao,You must remember what Huidai said!Be careful of the four gods!“ Finished saying this,The European girl hurriedly packed her food tray and walked out of the room,for safety,I dare not take out the bracelet to see。 I have to rescue my friends,Because time is running out,Tomorrow […]

“Just!Master Ming, don’t you stand here well?!!”

“Master Ming,If you want to punish me for losing「Dugong Arrow」,Don’t have to say that!!” The three people sing and play together,The impression that giving everyone a fate is to avenge the three of them for other purposes,At the same time trying to pull the wind direction to one’s advantage。 “If you say so, there is […]

And then it’s the last afternoon。

They were once again taken into the underground base,Enter another room,Sit in rows,A glass of water in front of a person,A blue pill。 “Don’t ask,do not speak,Everyone ate the pills in front of you。This is the last pass of your training camp this time,And the last chance。Lie down quietly after taking the pills,do not think […]

In the torrential rain,I see a dark shadow hurriedly running in the woods,He kept dodge,Looks very vigorous,Actually as flexible as Monkey King!

———— Chapter One Hundred and Forty Two Stand prohibition The leak in the house meets the night rain,Su Mei and Lu Xiong run away,Now there are mysterious stalkers,I’m unlucky enough。 We are about to be separated from the stalker20Dormi,Because of vegetation and shrubs,This makes it difficult for us to catch him,And that guy moves very […]

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