I have passed by it.。”

I immediately said my position directly.。 No five minutes,Ding Road is a wind and fire.。 The attitude of the Ding Road is very respectful to Li Dequan from the cloud gate from the cloud.,Then I invite Li to go to the bus with the wind.。 So respecting Di Road,Li Dequan didn’t feel anything with Lin […]

Zhu Xinli sorrows,Oh, laugh and fix it.:“Row,Then I have a few ways.,I haven’t eaten Lu cuisine for a while.,Just like the total light of King today,Tasting the taste of our hometown。

But Identification, I am afraid I don’t want to be my heart.,咱 咱 食 食 家,Cuisine can distinguish two,So eaten or not eaten,If you are fine, you don’t understand.。” “fine,There are two two.。”Wang traffic laughs and hand menu。 Zhu Xinshu,Look for a while,Have a few dishes。 At the end, the king was completed and completed […]

Because she is unskilled by her business, And the tension in your heart,How much is a little force,So the volume is not controlled when the speech,In the end, a few words are sessions.,The empty bamboo forest ring is ringing——

“Fate!” “Divide!” “Woolen cloth!” Advisory:“……” Branch:“……” How can things like this?? 枝 欲 欲 无 无 地 地:Isn’t I said that there is no sentence to make this man feel the hot feelings?? Although she did not have related experiences, But also know,love, Shouldn’t touch it with embarrassment?! If the consultant is taken at this […]

So next,How to deal with it?。

In fact, they look at them.,I will wait for it now.,When did it start?。 Zhu Yunjie,When you are in front of you,It is an active activity,Don’t forget to say this。 “very good,This is actually,It is what I want to see.。” “So next,Pack up,Put this matter,Give me completely solved!” When Zhu Yunjun said,Those people around you,Has […]

Lin Fengnan bit his mouth:“I am visiting the Dragon Yuan Master today.,I don’t have a Dragon’s merits.,But you can make a transaction with Longyuan Master.。”

“In fact, the dragon is immersed there.2000Everyone is enough。”Long Japan low channel:“He has already earned a lot.,And will ask for help you to do this。” “it is good,it is good,This matter is troublesometh brother,I owe the sunny brother.。”Lin Feng looks deeply at Longsi Tiandao。 “Lin brother,What is my polite?,Rest assured to contact proud things in […]

“Since this is said,Then I feel this time.,We should be able to go out.。”

“so,Everyone is ready to prepare,Let’s take it directly。” Shen Xuan put his hand,In front of you,The clouds are light and light.。 And Shen Xuan’s side,Warrior of other war temple,All the things are exported。 Especially in Shen Xuan’s words,What is even more, the more I feel that I feel excited?。 Since now,It has become this,So what […]

Zhu Hui swayed and stood up again,Looks like I want to sit here again。Xia Jian looked anxious,He picked up the glass and said:“Mr. Zhu!Finish this cup,Let’s go away,I’ll talk about it another day”

Xia Jian said,Shot glass,Without waiting for Zhu Hui to speak,Drink it all。Two people and two bottles of liquor,Indeed a little too much,This glass of wine,Xia Jian only felt hot in his stomach,A hot air pressure can’t hold it down。 “President Xia!Don’t hurry,Sober up with a glass of water, not too late,I have two more words […]

“How do you want?”Spring said with his eyes。

He can’t use this kind of moving in this case.,This move is very powerful,But it’s hard to hit enemies,And don’t hurt me。 This move,Just to threaten the long door。 The long door also knows that he can’t catch the spring.,Once the springs escape,He destroyed the wooden leaves,That is after suffering。 They don’t know when the […]

One side,Shen Xuan, the more I want to feel funny.。

But now,There is nothing tangled in other problems.。 But next,If Shaojia’s master Shao Hong is coming,That is interesting。 “Shao Zhi’an,Our pay,When is it sent to us??” Chapter 197,The more chaotic Shao Zhi’an,Head of Shaojia Entertainment。 He smiles,Look at everyone。 “salary,What wages?” Shao Zhian said the clouds are light,I didn’t put these faces in my heart.。 […]

Continuous war,Around it is an amazing,And the recovery speed is extremely fast,At the moment, it is also half the power loss.。

He still has a battle force,But put the power to defeat the six Yuxi bouques,What should I do after the big cylinder?? Even if there is still a lot of effort,But it is estimated that the self-insurance is enough.,Especially ignore the defense“Bullish”Basically unexpectedly。 So the night is intended to restore the power first.,Let the Naruto […]

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