I actually snickered when thinking of this,And then turned over to sleep,It started to rain again outside the window,Raindrops are scattered among the flowers and leaves on the balcony,I feel like I am one with this dreamlike world。

Around midnight,Huidai wake me up,Open my sleepy eyes,Then he quickly changed into the clothes that Huidai handed over,This time she told me to wear that kind of military boots,The clothes are also waterproof black jackets,Looks rather fashionable。 Besides,Huidai actually brought the previous bag,That bag is full of the baby I need,Including the long pipe revolver.gun,hand.mine,Rush.Machine […]

Unexpectedly, his tone is very cold:”Who is the tree god to resurrect!You better not interfere,Lord Tree God’s temper is unstable,Your request will irritate him,that’s it,You go back and rest first,Since the demigod talks about loyalty like this,I think Lord Tree God will resurrect him。“

Elder’s answer is too perfunctory,I insist on seeing the tree god,Unexpectedly but angered the elders,His whole muscles are shaking,Those golden rings keep shaking:”No way!You can’t see him during this time!Now is his dormant period,No one can approach him!“ The elder not only trembles all over,Even the expression on the face is distorted,His change is really […]

Kogoro Mouri shook the drawing on the desktop,Serious reasoning:“The contents of the magic mirror on the egg we have now,It’s the castle of Yokosuka。

if it is like this,I wonder if that alluded to another egg,It might be hidden in the castle。” Hearing this, Kasaka Natsumi showed a sudden look,Hurriedly took out an old copper yellow key,“In fact, apart from these two broken design drawings,And an old key,Could it be that…” “This is it!”Mouri Kogoro stretched out his index […]

”Oh,That’s after the test!“

”Xiaoxi,You are so right!This is the proper time to be scolded!Fortunately I only came this year!“ ”You only came this year?Went to school in summer vacation?“ ”Ok,Yes indeed,My mother found me someone for summer class!“ ”Oh,Then I’m stumped because I didn’t find someone to say,No need to go to summer school?“ ”Uh,I don’t know this […]

After receiving this news,After Tang Ze washed,Wearing a suit with a big back like an adult,Drive towards Suzuki’s house。

The mother-in-law of the super rich consortium wants me to be married——Final battle。 today,This hidden war,Will finally be revealed,And revealed the final victory! “coming,Haven’t had breakfast yet?” In the restaurant of Suzuki’s mansion,After seeing Tang Ze coming under the guidance of the housekeeper,Tomoko Suzuki greeted with a smile:“Eat breakfast first,We will go together later,I look […]

If it’s okay,Isn’t it the same when we get together again for the New Year?

Unexpectedly, Xue Jue’s face showed a deep expression:“These are your old relatives,Although you are not very old now,But it’s still long enough for a couple of years at night。” “Those individuals want to see earlier,I don’t want to see the next generation of the four,A young man who was admitted to a scholar at this […]

Former Xiong’an concept leader Jinghan shares11.6 billion Marry Chinese Olympic Garden

Former Xiong’an concept leader Jinghan shares11.6 billion “Marry” Chinese Olympic Garden The real estate industry has added another “marriage”, the former Xiong’an concept leader Jinghan (000615) is about to “marry” China Aoyuan (03883).On the evening of April 7, China Aoyuan announced that its subsidiary Guangdong Aoyuan planned to make a price of 11.600 million shares […]

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